statue FAWC

Just about every morning, I wake up at 4am before my busy, chaotic house, and I grab the above statue to say my morning prayers.  She’s seen better days.  I tote her around from here to there.  My three year old keeps playing with her, and she keeps falling apart.  She’s even lost her head a few times.

I’ve been gluing her back together, but this last time, I have decided to leave her as She is.  I have decided to see the beauty in her brokenness.

When I hold her in the morning, before I check my Iphone or my e-mail, I bow down.

I bow down to the East, to New Beginnings and to the Sunrise.

And I offer up a silent prayer to God or Goddess or whatever else I am calling Divinity that day.  I pray for courage.  I pray for Love.  I pray for guidance.  I pray for strength.  I pray for patience and to stay on my path.  And then I pray to find my path.  You get the jist.

It’s been an odd year.  It’s been brutiful exactly as Glennon of Momastery writes.

 I talk about my flailing marriage because ( and a year ago I’d have ripped your well-meaning head off if you’d predicted this to me) the truth is that my marriage had to be shattered before it could be pieced back together. My marriage was like a busted arm that The Doctor had to re-break before it could heal right. – Momastery

And then exactly as she says here:

I used to say: I’m broken. Fix me. Then I grew up a little and said : WAIT A MINUTE. I’M NOT BROKEN. And now I’m a real grown up so I say: Of course I’m broken. And I love, love, love myself that way. If you’re comfortable with that – come sit with me and we can laugh and cry and be broken and beautiful together. But don’t try to fix me- I didn’t ask for that. I just asked for some good company in which to be human. – Momastery

Come.  Come sit with me and we can laugh and cry and be broken and beautiful together.   I do believe that is called a women’s circle.

The DF App – a means to find, start and promote women’s circles.  

Coming soon in early 2016.

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