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True power has nothing to do with taking away things from others.

It has to do with having the courage to be still and listen to that voice within you.

It has to do with overcoming fears and anxieties in order to be the best version of You possible.

It has to do with finding your voice and not worrying about who stands beside you at the end of the day, but trusting that someone always will.

I went to a women’s circle the other night in celebration of Samhain and our ancestors.

I am Karen
Daughter of Patricia
Granddaughter of Shirley and Margaret
Great Granddaughter of Mabel, Allena, Ruth and Selma

Nine normal women in a normal house smack dab in the middle of comfortable suburbia America. One whose daughter was with her, two older ladies and others you would not have given a second glance to on the street. It could have been a Tupperware party or a Bible Study, but it wasn’t …

I have not turned away from anyone or anything, but I have turned towards myself and am willing to follow that wherever it leads.

For the first time ever, the Red Tent was present at the Parliament of the World’s Religions thanks to the efforts of incredible women such as Alisa Starkweather and Isadora Leidenfrost phD.

Marianne Williamson spoke at this parliament.  Have you seen her video and her passion?

“Religion when it refuses to be honest and refuses to be real allows itself merely to be coopted by the very forces we are here to protect human beings from. And that is why many of the female voices rising today in religious fervor forming a new vortex of priestesshood are finding ourselves sometimes working within religious institutions and at other times not welcome in our true femaleness and practicing our priestesshood elsewhere.

… every women who feels in her heart that she was sent by Divine Mission … the true religious calling to answer to that small still voice within and lay it down wherever we are.”


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  •  Picture of 5000 year-old Hoyuk fertility goddess / ancient fertility goddess found in a neolithic dig in central Turkey