Yes, please use The Divine Feminine App for listing your Coven or Pagan Community. But also use it for listing your Christian, Hindu, Muslim and whatever other religion one cares to follow.

The main criteria for the App is:

That your group’s (or event’s) main focus be that of:

Connecting, healing and empowering.

My journey with Women’s Circles began almost three years ago. You can see an article I wrote about my first Women’s Circle here in Elephant Journal: “Seems to Me You Have Given Up on God, Mary and Jesus and Taken Up with the Occult.”

This was based on an email that I had gotten from my mom. It is still one of my favorite things that I have written, and I encourage you to read it as it shows my progression to move beyond what I am ‘told is right’ and towards what I know is right.

Look, Women’s Circles are not the ‘end all to be all’. I have seen first hand the same human problems that go on elsewhere involving pettiness, cattiness, selfishness, immaturity, etc.

But the reason the App is called The Divine Feminine App is because the history of the past couple of thousands of years has leaned towards the masculine. Christianity and most of the other organized religions are based on the ‘Divine Male‘: Jesus and the image of a white, bearded God, Muhammad, etc.

That is fine. Don’t get me wrong. Jesus and I are still on good terms: ironically, probably even better terms than all of those years that I more fervently called myself a ‘Christian’.

And I realize that I am over simplifying things, but it seems to me that the reason that Paganism and Witches have been so prosecuted and feared is because they are religions based on finding power (divinity) within yourself.

And in that respect, I am even going to go one step further and say there is room for great damage, because you don’t give a 5 year old keys to the car. They’re not ready to drive.

But as a human race, it is my belief, we’re ready.
A Women’s Circle provides a container to look within yourself. It is going to be up to you to make sure that container is worthy.

Is the Divine Feminine App only for Women?

Straight from the FAQ’s:

“No. The Divine Feminine movement and App encourages ‘feminine’ ways of healing, nurturing and connecting. Please check out individual circles and events to see who their intended audience is.”

Am I saying that Divinity is Female? That humans have been ‘wrong’ all these years?

Absolutely not. My personal belief is that religion is a framework. It is not important how you find God or the Goddess, but that you find Her or Him.

Anything that unifies and connects us while still respecting our unique cultures and differences … a step in the right direction!

Again, it has been so liberating to me to expand my ‘personification of divinity’ (that’s all it is, isn’t it?) to include someone made in my image: female.

But that’s not the end of the journey, is it. Below is a great quote from George Fowler, the author of “The Dance of the Fallen Monk.” As a former monk, Fowler writes:

A more developed level of insight, witnessed to by the mystics and spiritual masters of the race, tells us that we are invited to grow beyond all such storied details as sin, threats, blood payment, unending fire, pearly gates, golden streets. Both Santa Claus and salvation stories have deeper meanings than what they deliver when heard only literally. I am no longer willing to stop at institutional Christianity’s “Come and be saved” presupposition. I would suggest something more along the lines of the spiritual tradition of the race: “Let’s get beyond all these religious stories and wake up to see and experience Reality as It is.”

And let’s do that in a Women’s Circle …
C’mon Ma, give us the keys to the car.

The Divine Feminine App is a computer app that can be accessed via your PC or downloaded from Itunes and Google Play onto your smartphone in order for you to find (by your actual static location, by zip code or by state) both Women’s Circles and other Divine Feminine Events.  Sorry, as of now, it is USA only, but we are working on other locations.  You can also see many wonderful Virtual (online) Events as well.