The theme for our local Women’s Circle this year is ‘Becoming Big’. No, we’re not talking about weight; we’re talking about that essential part within you that is ‘you.’
Letting it out. Learning to live from that place: recharge, believe, trust, intuit, listen, etc.  As once you get rid of all the other ‘noise’ that normally clutters your mind, I believe what remains is Divinity.
Yesterday was a tiring day for me: the beginnings of summer, my four children getting more mobile, running around all day with their friends, traipsing in and out with mud & dirt & baseball bats etc, the worry that accompanies that (where are they, what are they doing, are they safe, on the right path, etc.) and thoughts of soon to be summer over here where I don’t get daily eight hour breaks from this worry while they’re at school.  It is so difficult as a mother to put this all ‘in its place’ and still claim a bit of that time for me.
And in the midst of what feels very chaotic to me right now, we held our Circle down by the river amidst my son and his friends fishing, a loud music party paddleboat slowly chugging down the river sharing their ‘tunes’ with us, other loud boats, neighbors, dying batteries in the radio and more … a challenge to say the least!
I get a little worried some times that all my talk of ‘you can host a Women’s Circle, too’ offends some of the incredible women out there who have been hosting Circles and providing training for years or decades, that they are going to feel I am negating or not respecting their experience and wisdom.
It is not intended that way. Every day, I learn from them and others … hosting this small Women’s Circle (last night, there were five of us in all) has provided me with exactly what I need.
‘Becoming Big’ for me personally involves learning to find peace and stillness and calm and confidence amidst the chaos of life. And that was what I needed last night.
And I would like to believe that the four other women who came found something they needed as well … small Women’s Circles like these are fluid containers, they shift and move with the environment and attendees and so many other factors, but putting yourself out there, trying, pausing, connecting, learning with other women, is always worth it.