On this beautiful full moon, grab a couple friends.  Go somewhere quiet and peaceful.  Sing a song.  Recite a poem.

Get quiet.

Say a meditation.  They’re all over.  YouTube has tons.  Below is one that I have done for tonight.*  It’s rough.  I don’t have any fancy equipment nor the time, energy or desire to record it more than once.  But it will do.



Get something: a statue, a stick or a bowl.  Pass it around and take a couple of minutes to try to listen within and speak what you are feeling.

Everyone else be quiet.  Don’t offer advice.  Don’t speak.  Just listen.  100% Attention.  How often do you really do that?

Pass around a notebook where you write down an intention or two.

Play another song.  Say a blessing for each other.  Hug.

Congratulations!  You’ve done it!

You now have a Women’s Circle.

So simple.  So profound.


And now go to to list your new Women’s Circle and find more people around you to join you … 

* I tried to do a meditation for tonight, but I’ve been having technical difficulties making them, and meanwhile, I’ve got ‘life’ going on: baseball games to go to, children to watch, a house to clean …  so I substituted this one that I did last year for the Blood Moon.  You get my point.  Wing it.  Don’t stress about the small stuff.  You don’t need weeks/days/hours to spend planning every detail.  Just be open.  Let the spirit move you.  Your attitude is the only thing that you can control.  Pause, connect and share in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.