What kind of events should be included on The Divine Feminine App?

Jean Shinoda Bolen provides the introduction to the book The Feminine Face of God. She speaks about noticing:

” … a pervasive, quiet, grass-roots evolution in women’s spiritual lives that The Feminine Face of God documents and delves into.

By themselves, and in groups, women are exploring the spiritual dimension of their lives, praying, meditating, creating ritual, and paying attention to their dreams, symbols, and metaphors. And for all those who are doing so, I have the impression that countless others yearn to … “

That has been my vision for The Divine Feminine App: to help assist all of those out there who ‘yearn to’ and to help promote and connect all of those out there already traveling. There are so many!

But I wanted to say that the Divine Feminine is NOT exclusive from or superior to ’The Divine Male’.

I grew up with the Divine Male after all, and I still feel quite comfortable with Him.

But this is an opportunity to ‘round out the options’, provide equilibrium … imagine that, God in your image.

Imagine that, God within yourself.

Words that come to mind when thinking of the Feminine side of the Divine:

Mystical, magical, intuitive, nature and its cycles, Looking within, meditation, contemplative, power within your body, sensual, forgiveness, compassion, creativity, birth/death/birth cycles, healing, sensual, renewal, beauty.

Again, NONE of this is intended to be exclusive to the Feminine, but rather intended to provide equilibrium to what in the past have tended to be more didactic Divine Traditions.

Types of Divine Feminine Events:

  • Red Tents
  • Any sort of training for Women’s Circles
  • Retreats designed to learn, connect, heal and empower
  • Musical events incorporating beauty and the senses
  • Meditation training, group meditation, etc.
  • Training to increase intuition, creativity and empowerment

Yes, this is rather broad.

Is the Event meant to Connect, to Heal and to Empower? Include it!

Register at www.FindAWomensCircle.com , download your smartphone app or access via your PC, see what Women’s Circles and Divine Feminine Events are by you via your actual (static) location, by Zip Code or by State. Mark events as Favorites, ADD your events, your desire to start or join a Women’s Circle and find Virtual Online events as well.

You know its funny as one thing about Jean’s description does not sit right with me: ‘Grass-roots’. You see, my husband and I are smack dab in that part of the year where we differ on how to take care of our Lawn.

What guy doesn’t like that ‘perfect lawn’? Not a weed in site, cut to standard and precisely edged between pavement and lawn. Go to any high end neighborhood, and this is what you see: perfect lawn after perfect lawn after perfect lawn.

As a child you don’t think about this, and I even admit to its appeal … but at what cost? As an adult, I realize what goes in to that ‘perfect lawn’ … usually a whole lot of money paying landscapers and buying chemicals to kill anything else that tries to grow.

And it has occurred to me that this is not a ‘grass-roots’ movement at all. This is a Dandelion Movement. Even that word, how pretty it is ‘Dandy’ … Lion! Roar! You can eat them in your tea, on a salad or more, chock full of minerals and useful for many different ailments. They’re good for the bees and nature.

“The various parts of the plant have a long history of use as an herbal remedy, and every documented population in areas where it grows naturally has used it medicinally.”

Its time we all realized that our lawns do not have to be perfect. It’s okay to let it go a little wild …

The Divine Feminine .. A pervasive, quiet, dandelion revolution …


*Sorry, this first version of The Divine Feminine App is USA only.  We are working on adding other locations as fast as we can …

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Come O Holy Sophia! Fill us with your presence!
Our eyes are open —
Our ears are open to hear and to receive you, Come!
O Come we want to know your mystery and your wisdom.