I keep seeing this Robin in my backyard. We named her Gladys, and she has returned the past few years to have her babies in a nest by my kitchen window. The babies flew the nest, so they’re not using it anymore, but lately, I see her everywhere in our backyard.  She hangs out by me and the kitchen window.  So this morning, I looked up the meaning of Robins.
“Robins are good parents like many birds are. One facet of this power animal their ability to nurture themselves into true adulthood. This is signified by the robin’s red breast – it symbolizes the activation of creative energy, inciting growth. This is also linked with the Robin’s traditional connection to spring – the season of renewal. When we let go of our past – a lot of which stems from childhood experiences – we are refreshed and renewed, thus unburdened and free to nurture and serve ourselves as well as others. If the robins gifts have not been learned and utilised correctly, you will be continually challenged by the prospects of change with difficulties cropping up as well as emotional disharmony. Let go of the past…move on……”
Wow. I’m reading this as I listen to this morning’s Course of Miracle audio.
“The Light has come … darkness and turmoil and death have disappeared. The Light has come. Today we celebrate the happy ending to the long dream of your disaster. There are no dark dreams now. The light has come.  Today, the time of Light begins for you and for everyone.  It is a new Era. A new World is born. The old one has left no trace of itself in its passing. Today we see a different World.  Because the Light has come. … looking at the world that our Forgiveness shows us.  Today the real world rises before us in Gladness to be seen at last. Sight is given us now that the Light has come.”
Course of Miracles has a lot to do with Forgiveness and with shedding ego.
As I go through this, I ask myself frequently, “what the hell is she talking about?”
No suffering???? Everywhere I look I see suffering: murder, pain, sickness, disease, jealousy, anger, poverty, starvation — all increasing lately it seems … no suffering??? Come again?
But as I slowly work through this, I slowly begin to get it. That it starts with YOU. I have some serious stuff going on in my life and sometimes, okay often, I feel like I”m sinking, like I can’t possibly do all of this much longer.  I feel the ‘weight of the world’, and then I work on ‘flipping it’.  I work on getting rid of that stupid ego that screams at me, ‘this isn’t fair, LOOK at what has HAPPENED to me, at all this crap, this unfairness, the pain, the abandonment, WHY WHY WHY??’
We’re all connected. And I’ve been put here, under the life circumstances I have been given, to learn how to love and how to forgive … that is my Only Purpose, that is Your Only Purpose.
The Light has Come.
(I wrote about this two years ago on elephant journal; it ain’t easy learning this stuff is it, still working on it!)