What Do You Need to Get Rid Of?  Search For?

A couple of days ago, I went to a Pagan event, the first that I have ever attended.  Since creating the computer app The Divine Feminine App: , I’ve become a lot more familiar with pagan activities because, you know, pagan fits rather well with the concept of the divinely feminine, mother earth, natural cycles and all.

But growing up Catholic, I still have this apprehension of all things pagan and to be completely honest:  going to hell.

I had been asking in our Circle if anyone wanted to go with me, and to my delight, one of them said yes: an older lady, 77 years young.  And I say young, because if you want to link ‘youth’ and ‘life’ to being open to new experiences and being courageous and brave, then she is truly one of the ‘youngest’ people I know.

We had a magical day.

Not to go into details, but in an area where I had just about given up any hope, through listening to her experience, wisdom, perspective and ability to love, I saw hope again.

You know, that is what magic is, the ability to transform something within yourself and by transforming it within yourself, you send ripple effects throughout the entire world.  

“When I am healed, I am not healed alone.” – Course in Miracles

Jan also spoke on the trip up about her passion for a Grain Free diet and how it has been healing her and her husband.  When we got to our event, the first thing we did was walk into the second half of a class on Spiritual Fitness where the teacher was speaking about how she does not like gluten free diets …

A lot of people, as soon as they see that someone is speaking from a different viewpoint than their’s, they ‘shut down’.  Not Jan.  She reached beyond the differences and found the similarities.

After the class, she turns to me,  ‘you see, she was speaking of the same thing that I was speaking of, ‘listen to your body’!  If you really want to have some bacon, have some bacon!’

Have I mentioned how much I really like Jan.

Next, we talked to one of the organizers about the main activity scheduled for the day, the “Sacred Hunt”:

 — an ecstatic ritual that utilizes physical exertion and the elements of firelight, a woodland setting, and intense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for the purpose of spiritual transformation or awareness. It involves an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin element), Hunters (Yang element) and Drummers (Flux). The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, eliminate toxic or unnecessary elements in one’s life, or to quest for something integral to personal growth.

They needed more Villagers for the Sacred Hunt.  For each Hunter that wants to participate, there should be a Villager in a supportive role.

Sounded interesting, but staying would mean that we would get home really late.  I discussed briefly with Jan who said it was up to me as I was the one with four kids at home. 

‘Let’s do it’, I said.  How could I not?

Let’s caveat that with that I have been reading and following Earth Traditions online for awhile now.  I had met one of the main organizers previously and been online interacting with a couple of them for awhile now.  

I like them.  I find them warm, open, interesting and intelligent.  All systems ‘go’ in other words.  Because I’m not just advocating jumping into any situation impulsively.  I think you have to ‘check in’ with things in your life, think about why you feel uncomfortable, but then if they ‘make sense’ for you and your life, push yourself to do it.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

And the edges are most likely drawn with fear.

Jan and I had spoken a lot about this already how people tend to stay in their own little boxes constricted by the fear of change, the unknown and the loss of that silly notion of ‘control’ that we struggle so hard to maintain.  But growth involves confronting and sitting with that fear and moving past it.    

We spent considerable time discussing the ‘Sacred Hunt’ with the organizers as they discussed with the participants what would happen, etc.  I asked a lot of questions.

At one point, after the organizer asked if we got it and were okay, Jan laughed and said, ‘Sure, well, you see that is the difference between Karen and I, I …’

And I thought she would say something about knowing it would be okay etc., but instead she said, ‘I seem all calm, cool and collected while Karen’s asking all of this … I’m just faking it.’  

We all laughed.  Yes, that is me, I do not have a problem admitting when I have no clue what is going on and am scared about it …

But if it’s the right thing to do in your life, do it anyhow.

Do it anyhow.

I’m not going to say a lot about the Hunt other than to say that even though women have always participated in the Sacred Hunt, for the first time in the many years that they have been doing this, it was all women who participated as Hunters.

Jus’ saying, and I am not negating masculine as balance is the key.  But it’s time, women, rise up:  the Return of the Divine Feminine.   The world needs what we have.

If you’re interested in more information, check out Earth Traditions or use The Divine Feminine App to find a similar event in your area …

Jan and I spent a lot of time that day talking about transformation and change.  I was tickled to hear that one of the main healing things in her life right now is our Women’s Circle.  Here’s a lady with many years of experience of journaling and classes, etc. saying that something as ‘simple’ as our circle is healing her in ways that she has never been healed before.

You see, sitting in a community with others and finding and speaking your truth … truly changes things.  Jan spoke about how magic really is occurring in the Circles as when you open yourself up, become vulnerable and find and speak and then have accepted ‘your truth’, before and after, you are a different person.  Growth has occurred.  

Do you know what I am speaking of?  If you are in a Women’s Circle, most likely, you do.  If not, check one out … use the app to find, start or join a Women’s Circle.  Either way, be sure that you are asking yourself the question:

What do you need to hunt down and overcome in your life in order to truly grow?

Thank you Earth Traditions for providing the container to ask that question.