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Women can now use the DF App* to find Women’s Circles and other Divine Feminine Events all over Mama Gaia!!

Go to www.TheDFApp.com on the top of the page you can choose ‘Are you outside of the U.S.? Go here to the International version.

Because we changed the way the data is added, we are having to do this in steps. So for now, you will have to choose one or the other (the original US Version or the International Version).

We will be incorporating the two for our next Step. But our next Step involves a Kickstarter campaign …. more on that below.

Please note: the smartphone app available in the US has not been changed yet (which means you cannot access the International version from the smartphone app). That’s the bad news. The good news is that the website www.TheDFApp.com is now ‘responsive’: meaning that you can access it from your smartphone, and it will look pretty good.

Tutorials on how to use the App can be found on my YouTube channel here . More information on the App, sponsors, links and access to the App can also be found on the www.FindAWomensCircle.com site. 

My deep-seated belief is that as the World sometimes seems to get crazier and crazier, women need Women’s Circles and other Events more and more …

During a transition in culture,” I said, “old certainties and views begin to break down and evolve into new traditions, causing anxiety in the short run. At the same time that some people are waking up and sustaining an inner connection of love that sustains them and allows them to evolve more rapidly, others feel as though everything is changing too fast and that we’re losing our way. They become fearful and more controlling to try to raise their energy. This polarization of fear can be very dangerous because fearful people can rationalize extreme measures. ~ James Redfield, The Tenth Insight

We need that ‘inner connection of love’ to balance the ‘polarization of fear’ that we are seeing so much of. 

Goddess Bless all the incredible women out there providing events, courses, retreats, etc.,they have so much to teach and give, BUT I also truly believe that you don’t need to take a class to hold a Women’s Circle. All you need is a ‘container’ to take some time outside of your normal routine, to pause, to connect, to reflect, to honor beauty and the earth and her cycles … and the Divine Feminine App was made first and foremost to connect women in this way. USE IT. ENTER your desire to ‘find, start or join a Women’s Circle’.

Registered women in your area can then contact you via an email and you can see via another means (facebook, telephone, coffee etc.) if your paths align to start journeying together in a Women’s Circle.

Another way that the Divine Feminine App is being used is to connect you with what is going on across the World with the Divine Feminine. I love the way that ALisa Starkweather, Found-Her of the Red Tent Temple Movement who has been involved with this for the past thirty five years, puts it:


“We will blend both the social and cultural work with what brings us alive and united such as ceremony, Shadow Work, breathwork, drumming, singing, speaking, poetry, dance, Red Tents, circles, etc.”


There’s some incredible things going on out there, like this Facebook Group: Sacred Feminine for Revolution and the upcoming 1000 Goddess Gathering in Washington DC

A Wisdom and Compassion Gathering 
to Invoke the Divine Feminine Deeply 
Throughout the Earth

“There is a Tibetan myth that when 1000 Goddesses gather, the divine feminine will rebirth through their combined energies… ” ~www.Treesisters.org

It’s happening. Look, I’m not Male-Bashing or screaming against the Patriarchy. What I am doing is saying that the World needs balance.

And bringing back the Divine Feminine is an integral part of creating that Balance.

stand up

The Kickstarter Campaign: Coming October 1!

Four years ago, if you would have asked me what a Women’s Circle or ‘Divine Feminine’ is, I would have had no clue. Through the magic of the internet, I have connected and learned and been forever changed.

The Divine Feminine App intends to take this another step.

Look, the App as it is – is terrific if you’re as crazy about all of this as I am and a lot of other women out there, BUT for many women, it’s just a ‘one shot’ deal right now, ‘is there a women’s circle by me? An event?’ Okay, and then the App is forgotten.

The Next Version of the Divine Feminine App will give women a reason to come back to the App more frequently and will give Her an even bigger Voice.

Version Two will give women the ability to post their latest going-on’s, their focuses and their ‘platforms’. Facebook is great, but there’s a whole Lotta Stuff going on. You have to belong to tons of different groups and sort through so much with little concern for your privacy.

In the Next Version of the Divine Feminine App, women and organizations like Gather the Women, Worldwide Women’s Circle and more will be able to publish their ‘platforms’ and latest events. The rest of us will be able to search and follow what interests us, being notified when they have a new event or direction.

More ways to connect, more ways to heal, more ways to empower. More ways to be organized and notified of what interests you …

But I’m going to need your help … and that is where the Kickstarter campaign will come in. Starting October 1, we will be running a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to earn the funds for the next Version. It’s an ‘all or nothing’ venture, and your donation will give you a (half off) three year ‘membership’ (our current projection is that the DF App extended Profile will charge $6.99 for six months) and/or lots of other cool rewards that we are working on, such as a free download of Mother Turtle’s song Rise UP, a Brigid’s Grove goddess, an Arna Baartz print …

Stay tuned …

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your Love.

It’s Time, Women! Rise Up!

Women [people] of the world are gathering

Together we’re creating

a world unafraid of feeling

We’re initiating healing

So Rise Up!

Song by Mother Turtle


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