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Help support Version Two making the Divine Feminine App more interactive.

The Divine Feminine App was released almost 5 months ago.  Today we have 1450 women registered and more registering each day.  We have about 900 Women’s Circles and Events listed.  Last month, we went global so that the DF App can be used all over the world to help women find Women’s Circles and Divine Feminine Events.

But we’re not done.  Our next step is to make the DF App more interactive drawing more women to use the App in order to form and promote more Women’s Circles and Events.

Just last night in our Women’s Circle, I was talking with another women about just how powerful these events are!! How attending a weekend event CHANGED our whole perspective. Seriously, everything shifted.  New possibilities!  New perspectives!  LIFE … help us to bring more women to even more events like this!!  Help us to form more Women’s Circles so every women who wants to meet in this way can.  Worldwide.

Please check out our Kickstarter Campaign here:  

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CROWDFUNDING is an incredible concept!  It’s ALL OR NOTHING which is why I need your support … and it takes nothing to pledge (okay I know I am sounding like PBS here), but your $25 commitment will get your a Three Year Expanded Profile on Version Two.  Three years!! We estimate that will cost $48 ($7.99 every six months), and through this, you’ll get it for TWO CENTS A DAY.  WHEN the Kickstarter campaign works, you will be charged the $25 but you will know that Version Two is on its way!!

Check out the testimonials here … http://www.findawomenscircle.com/testimonials.html 

The DF App is working now, BUT with Version Two, we will introduce ‘Profiles’ where you will be able to add a picture, a website and be followed.   You will be able to follow hosts and see when they post events or on their ‘platform’.  You will be able to write comments on Events and Platforms, find Retreat type events and search in more ways …

Plus there are some other levels of support including some incredible rewards from Molly Remer’s Brigid’s Grove, Mother Turtle’s Rise Up Song and Arna Baartz’s beautiful print …

Much much love coming your way, Jai Ma!
Karen Moon