The Moon Lodge is a women’s circle that meets on new and full moons as an interfaith place to pause from the stress of everyday life, honor the rhythms in ourselves and our world, appreciate beauty, our unique strengths, support each other, state intentions, help each other grow as we need to and better love, love, love … no room here for petty, judgmental or competitive. The only person we need to be better than … is the person we were yesterday. It’s purpose is To Inspire – what makes you come alive? Find it.

That is mine. This November, I will have been hosting it three years.

I want to find your’s.

Two years ago, I had this crazy idea to make a computer app to help women find Circles and other Divine Feminine Events. With a lot of hard work and most of our savings, five months ago, the Divine Feminine App was released. One month ago, the App went global so women the world over can list their Women’s Circles and Events.

Women are joining. Every single day. Up to 1450 women and about 900 Circles and Events.

But the App needs to be more interactive with profiles on it, the ability to comment, more ways to search and be reminded … so I’m asking for your help.

Not to donate, but to buy your three year expanded profile right now … at half off. Commit to $25 in our Kickstarter campaign and if/when it gets funded, you will have a three year expanded profile, and we will have Version Two.

Helping even more of you find each other.

I’ve already been told I asked for too much. That it is not going to work. Help me to prove them wrong. It costs you absolutely nothing to commit to the $25 right now.

People in the technology business say that I have bootstrapped this app on my own and that women are joining is impressive, that I can find an investor for Version Two.

That is the old way. You find an investor. You make something profitable. And then you sell it for the big bucks.

No way.

It’s a new day, and it’s a new way. I’m asking all of you to join me in making this next version a reality.

Because I want to make your Moon Lodge a reality.

Containers of emergence.  We love this image.  Like a nest with fledglings at once hesitantly and boldly poking their heads out and venturing forth, women’s circles provide a safe place where each person can begin trying her wings.  In this time of heavy work and home demands, financial pressures, media blasting, and violence, women need a place just to be and become.”  – Sacred Circles by Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig


Ten backers, and we are almost to $1000.  We have until October 30th.  All or nothing.

Commit to $25 (it will not be charged UNTIL it reaches its goal.)

And then please share this.


A new way to communicate for a new Age.

Rise up, woman. It’s time.


*Picture is of An Fen at the Return to Sisterhood Tribe Campout and of Molly Remer’s Goddess Statue – one of the rewards on the Campaign.