So I got chastised yesterday for posting my latest blog in a Facebook group. I am not coming down on this lady. She is trying to keep her group ‘safe’ from promotional interests, and I can respect that. I think its good to have a delineation between groups that allow promotion and ones that do not. And in my defense, I am always sure to read the group descriptions and do not post in those that say no promotion.

At the same time, I’m feeling a bit misunderstood as she said it was fine to promote my personal Circle [but not the 1600 Circles and Events that are on the App.]

The Divine Feminine App is a free resource and will always remain a free resource.

At the same time, I have come to the point where I need funding to do the things that need to be done on the App. (For starters, redo the Smartphone App and the Original US Version so that they find locations the same way the International Version does and then combine it so that there is only one App.)

So the Kickstarter Campaign is like a ‘sliding scale’ effort in that I am hoping those that can contribute $25 (or more with some incredible rewards) for a three year ‘Expanded Profile’ will do so enabling all of us to use the App free and enabling more Women’s Circles, more well attended Events, etc.

At the same time, I have some what I think are really awesome added features for those that get this ‘Expanded Profile’ that will make the $25 cost for three years more than worth it .. Kerrin McIntosh is going to hop on a video with me this afternoon so that I can better explain these added features. Check out my homepage or the Find A Women’s Circle Facebook group to see it.

AND these added features will make the App more ‘interactive’ drawing more women to the App and more often … which will make the free DF App work even better.

Am I hoping to get back the $15,000 that I have spent on this so far that I took from my children’s college fund put back in? Hell yes, that would be nice. Not to go too much into the personal details, but I got in to Women’s Circles, saw the need for this and then was at this juncture in my life where I had a decision to put my time, effort and money into this or to put it into other things, like continuing to fight with my husband, maybe getting a second divorce, etc.

I went with the former and have never regretted the decision. Even if the Divine Feminine App is never ‘self sustainable’, I will not feel as if I have wasted all that time and money. You see in addition to meeting tons of really incredible women and learning so much, I have changed.

And when you Change, everyone around you changes as well. (Or leaves 😉 )

And THAT is the work of the ‘Divine Feminine’ and THAT is what I would love to enable for even more of you …

Yes, I have hosted a Women’s Circle the past three years. New moons are closed, but Full Moons are open to new members. At the same time, I cap it at ten as where we hold the Circles is not that big. Last time, we had a new member, and oh my Goddess, I loved her ‘excitement’. She said she had been trying to come for months but always it was too full, and to come, she had to drive her daughter an hour to her mom’s and then drive another hour here.

Four hours of driving to come to a Women’s Circle. And she can’t wait to come to the next one. That is how powerful these Circles can be. And the free Divine Feminine App’s entire purpose is to give that ability to even more women and at an even closer distance.

So you see my post and my request to support the Kickstarter campaign may be a little bit of ‘Rahatadatada’, but I’m not just promoting myself, I am promoting all of us and Her as well …

Please check out, share and support the Kickstarter Campaign (if you are able to) here:

*We have 24 days left and are only at 7% of the $19,000 goal so we need to step it up a notch. 🙂 I told a good friend that if it does not work it will be alright as already I can see it has increased awareness of the DF App, and I am so touched by the 22 of you who can see my Vision for this.