When you look at this Facebook icon, how does it make you feel?

It’s a mixed bag for me. Five years ago, I left Facebook. I had just begun to realize how life was going to continue to be very difficult for me, and Facebook seemed filled with either vacation and children brags or petty, judgmental, mean-spirited posts. It was too much.

And then like most of us who leave Facebook, I came back. But I came back with a plan … I came back with a plan to fill my newsfeed with like-minded, open-minded, compassionate, strong, courageous, inspirational and loving friends.

Hello Facebook friends. That’s you. I’ve met some incredible ones from all over the world. Learned perspectives and experiences and ways of being, authors like Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Lucy Pearce, artists like Arna Baartz that have literally changed my world.

I slowly began (and am still, are we ever done?) to change my life. And a huge part of that meant reclaiming joy. You see, I had hit this point where most everything was a struggle.

But slowly, through Women’s Circles and Events that I attended, I began to change that. Seeing and hearing about another woman’s life gives you permission to live your own. I’ve misquoted that, but you get it, right? When you hear how we are all similar, all facing the same feelings of failure, of loneliness, of fear and anger, etc. and then how other women have overcome that, when you take time out of your busy life to pause, to sing, to laugh, to look up at that huge bright full moon, to feel a part of the millions of stars in our galaxy, to watch the flames of a fire dancing in the moonlight or water cascading over the stones in a river, a fox stealing across the road at night or a hawk soaring in the air … to feel this connection not only between other people but between everything on this great big, beautiful Mama Earth … you learn an entirely new way of being.

And that is what I want to help promote with this next version of The Divine Feminine App – an entirely new way of being, not only by showing you the Women’s Circles and Events that are by you, but by connecting you with women from local ones to ones all over the world that will share perspectives and experiences.

When you look down and see that number next to The DF App icon on your phone, I want it to help lift you up .. I want to inspire you that those are 29 notifications about things like new Circles or Events in your area or retreats or events that are being announced by the hosts that you resonate with the most or books being released or causes that we need to all get behind … those are 29 things that are potentially going to help you take that next step on your path to becoming the person you were set on this Earth to become.

That’s a big dream I know. But I’m asking you to give me a chance to do it. And it only takes you pledging some money, $25 to give you three years of the above, what I estimate will be half off. And Kickstarter is All or Nothing, so you will not be charged unless we hit the total amount of money.

Check it out, pledge and share: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/231448063/rise-up-women-the-divine-feminine-app