ALisa Starkweather, thank you, thank you – a very special thank you for supporting and pledging to Version Two of the Divine Feminine App. Since I have been into this the past three years, I have been hearing of you and am so respectful of what you have done for all of us, as the Found-her of the Women’s Red Tent Movement.

And your event that I went to, the Daughters of the Earth event in Massachusetts is EXACTLY what I am speaking of below of leaving a completely different person. I sat at the airport in Massachusetts looking at every women thinking to myself that you too have the ability to step into this power!! And I don’t mean the braggadocio, ego-filled power of a person like Donald Trump, what I am speaking of is the power to fully step into yourself: the person you are meant to be … as Mary Oliver said, ‘ let[ting] the soft animal of your body Love what it loves.”

And then the courage to stand up and say, ‘no, this isn’t right’ when you see things that are not.

And the seed behind my vision of the Divine Feminine App has been, ‘why don’t more women participate in things like this??’ They should be more available!! We should all be helping each other more to grow in these ways!!

And I get it, it took me almost two divorces, financial problems, legal problems, isolation, hitting the bottom, the Bottom .. until I said, enough, I’m going to figure out how to be Me.

But it doesn’t have to take you that much to figure it out, use the [free] Divine Feminine App, come together, support each other, learn to help heal and empower us all as ALisa has been doing for decades … check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Five days left. Your $25 pledge will get you a three year expanded profile membership to Version Two of the Divine Feminine App*. It will be worth it.


AND BECAUSE IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT, I’m going to repeat this.  I GET IT.  I get it.  We’re all moving some really heavy stuff right now.  The world is changing.  But commit to the changes that you want to see happen.  $25 for a Three Year expanded profile on Version Two. – it will not be charged unless we hit the amount, so you have nothing to lose and I promise you, words of wisdom, inspiration and events from women like ALisa Starkweather if we make it.


*The basic Divine Feminine App will always remain free.  Check it out at: