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For Version Two of the Divine Feminine App, we’re at 27%! Thank you!! Your support means the world to me .. but only four more days, so please if you have not taken the time to look at this and support, please go here and take a peek.

Version One of the Divine Feminine App, A computer App to help you find, start, share and promote women’s circles and other divine feminine events  has been up and going since April of this year. There are almost 900 Women’s Circles and Events listed all over the world on the App and almost 1600 women have registered with an average of ten signing up each day.

Have you checked it out? You can at www.FindAWomensCircle.com

It is FREE to access all the information and will always remain free …

But here are some of the features, we want to add to Version Two expanded profile:

  • The ability to ‘like’ hosts so that when they post new events or on their ‘platform’, you will be notified either by a number notification on your smartphone or an email — your and their choice how you want to be notified.

Right now, it is rather difficult to stay up on who is doing what, etc. When I go on to Facebook, I know that I only see ‘the top of the Iceberg’.  You have to sift through different facebook groups reading through 100’s of posts. This way you will be able to quickly and easily see what all of your favorite hosts are up to: Marguerite Riglioso is getting a lot of response to her posts on Faeries, are you a human/fey mix? … needing something to listen to? who is Karen Tate on Sacred Feminine Radio’s latest guest or quickly find the link to all of her recorded shows  …

  • Featured hosts, so that you can find more favorite hosts of women who have been doing this work and have so much knowledge to offer.
  • The ability to see profiles of other women in your local area so that you can form more Women’s Circles!
  • Smartphone apps for the entire world! (Right now, they are just available FREE to the USA.)
  • One Worldwide Global App! (Right now, the Original USA app is done by zip codes whereas the International version uses Google maps. Version Two will make the Original USA version easier to use by also switching it to Google maps.)

Up until now, I have used my personal funds to do all of this, but I am at the point where I need to find other support to proceed. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of the finances of this, see the bottom of the Kickstarter campaign in the FAQ where I explain the amounts.

Bottom line, Version Two of the Divine Feminine App will make it easier for you all to connect both locally and globally, staying abreast of what is going on in this movement to heal and empower us all.


You’ve heard of Angel Investors, right?  If you have a great idea with a working beta version of the product, why not just go to an Investor?   Because Investors want you to have ‘exit plans’.  That is how they make their money.  They give you the capital so that you can hopefully make a sustainable product with the intent that when it works, you’re selling it so they can get back their money and make a profit.


And until Crowdfunding, this was pretty much the way the world worked if you wanted to do something and needed help with the funds.  But I don’t have an Exit Plan.  I am doing this because I’m passionate about it and passionate about helping to connect, heal and empower us all through the ‘Sacred Feminine’.  And I’m in it for the long haul.

And now with Crowdfunding, YOU can be a part of making this a reality.

Check it out.   Please also share this post.  Four more days.  A $25 pledge will get you a Three Year Expanded Membership and/or you can get some rewards from incredible women like Arna Baartz, Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove and Mother Turtle.  All or nothing so it is not charged unless we make the full amount.  Be a part of the magic.