THIS is what first put the idea of the Divine Feminine App into my head as I have seen these posts in Facebook groups that I belong to, again and again.

Two day ago, in the Talking Tree Sisterhood Facebook group (great organization btw, check it out if you are not familiar), someone posted the above asking from where everyone is from and wanting to connect.

As of this morning, there are 614 comments.

614!  That is how desperate eager women are to connect with other like-minded women in their area.

Believe me, I know.  I get it.  I know how everything changed the moment I started connecting with local women who I ‘get’ and they ‘get’ me … or at least if we don’t completely ‘get’ each other, we ‘allow’ each other.*

A breath of fresh air.


I get it.

But I also get how completely inefficient this is as a way to connect.  Really.

So I created the Divine Feminine App.

Other organizations, most of them in fact, try ways to connect, but it’s time and technology intensive to maintain. I get that, too, as I have spent the better part of a year and a half working on this with a team of people from India.

Use the DF App.  It’s not supposed to take away from the organization that you are a part of.  It’s intent is to promote that organization.

Find your Local Tribe.

Women are using the Divine Feminine App.  We have over 1600 women registered with more joining each day and over 900 Circles and Events listed world-wide.

But I would love to see more women using it in this manner … just to connect on a local basis.  (Go to ‘Add Women’s Circle’, put in as title, ‘looking to find/join a Circle’ and then your postal code and an email.)  You can use an email that does not have your name in it.

And I get that we have a couple of things to get over:

First, that ‘technological hump’.  It’s new.  You haven’t done it before.  It involves learning something new.  Who has time these days?

I get this, too.  Back in the day before, thank Goddess, they figured out how to automatically update the clocks,  I cannot tell you how long I would stare at blinking clocks on my VCR’s etc as I did not have the time to take out the manual and figure out how to change …

It has to be worth your time to spend your time learning something new.

This is.

If you can scroll through 614 comments looking to see if you see your city, you can spend the five minutes it will take to get to know the Divine Feminine App.

Here is a short six minute video on how to use.  Give it a try.  It’s easy, really.

“It was super easy! Love it!”  Danielle Dulsky, Living Mandala Yoga.Com 

Second, the privacy issue.  Do you really want to be announcing to the world and let every crazy out there find you?

Newsflash.  You just did.


Facebook keeps a record of everything you have ever posted and every group that you are in.  They use this information to advertise to you.  And the group itself?  Are you sure they are checking every profile they accept into the group?  In all of my groups, before accepting anyone, I check out their profiles to be sure they are ‘real people’ with a real interest in the group.  Have I misjudged on any?  Probably.

It’s just a really big world out there with a whole lotta stuff available.  Which makes it even more important to find your real, actual local tribe.

The Divine Feminine App is concerned with your privacy.  This is why you have to register and verify your email to see the information (so that there is a trail back to an actual computer of who is accessing the information.)  We will never share nor sell your information. (Really, it’s in our Legal Terms and Conditions.)

And the information itself?  Well, you are not putting an actual address.  You are putting down a postal code.  And you are not giving any information other than an email (and a website if you would like.)

If someone connects with you via the DF App via email, then use another method to get to know them … talk on the telephone, meet for coffee out somewhere, become facebook friends and make sure that you are ‘simpatico’.

It’s no more risky than listing your city on your Facebook profile or in a Facebook group.  Really.

Take a  minute and really think about it.  What do you have to lose?

And you have oh so much to gain …

Find a Women’s Circle.  A real live actual Women’s Circle with women similar to the ones you talk with in your facebook groups, except that they actually live by you and you can meet in person … can  you imagine? 

I could.  That is why I created the Divine Feminine App.