stop hiding your magic shirt

UPDATE:  We have extended this and are giving away a T-shirt each Sunday!  Add Women Circle information or a Divine Feminine Event to be automatically entered in the contest!  *I am working on finding affordable international shipping.  For now, contest is USA only (unless you would like to pay shipping.  Ask me at for costs of shipping.)

Encouraging you all to add your desire to connect with like-minded women to form Women’s Circles … just go to ‘Add Circle’ and put ‘Looking to form/join/start (etc.)’ in title .. and then description below.

Here’s an example:

“Life is fast, chaotic and a bit crazy in the Big City.  There’s a lot of light and happiness here but sometimes it’s hard to ground and root in a place where Nature seems far.  Now Women gather all over the world to nurture one another, caring for their communities and so for the Planet.  To share and inspire and hold a space where they can heal, rest, thrive and progress spiritually.  A space to rest emotionally and grow psychologically as humans.  Let’s create and hold a safe space to share experiences and nurture each other, with no other aim than support and share wisdom.  P.S. this is a Seedling.”

But does not need to be that wordy .. you can just say looking to connect with some like-minded women on new moons or whatever …

Registered women can get your email and then you can connect in another manner.  You can also link to a webpage (or your Facebook profile) …

If you add one of these before Sunday 11/13/16, comment below or send an e-mail to ‘’, and I will pull a winner for a t-shirt.  Shipped wherever you are.


*If you have already entered information on the DF App and wish to qualify for the T-shirt Giveaway Contest, you can do so by sending an email to …