I have this friend who has been coming to our Women’s Circle for a while now. And I’ve watched her struggle with personal and financial challenges, much like myself. I’m learning from her.

I have a tough time with the holidays: four kids, a blended family, and very little extended family. It can get lonely. This time of year, I tend to wallow in it sometimes. I admit.

But yesterday, I reached out to her to see what she was doing, and she was visiting another gal from our Women’s Circle who has not been at our Circle in forever.

You see, we had this set group of women for about a year, and it was wonderful … and then ‘life’ happened. They moved. Got pregnant … again. Didn’t have transportation. Health issues. Yada yada yada.

And it’s oh so easy in your mind to go down that road of ‘hmmm, not so important to them, is this. They probably don’t like me .. or the Circles. Whatever.’ But that road has no destination and not even any pretty scenery on the way to nowhere. So I turn around.

And I haven’t talked to this friend in FOREVER; you know, thank Goddess for Facebook or I would not even still realize we are friends.

And she is in the midst of a move. I saw the stress and exhaustion and all of her struggles in her face and posture when we got there. And we talked about that for awhile as our children ran around screaming like banshees or laughing hyenas, having more fun with boxes and halfway put together furniture than they would at an actual playground …

And I started to feel badly for all the challenges she is facing, but then they started talking about their passions. They’re both doulas. You know, there’s a reason that doulas and midwives are drawn to Women’s Circles. When you stop giving away your power to hospitals and doctors and epidural needles, you become ‘inspired’.

Inspire – the root of that word is ‘spirit’ which comes from ‘that which makes you BREATHE, COME ALIVE’.

What inspires you? What makes you come alive?

And I realized THAT is really the work of a Women’s Circle. And we all did that back in our Circle in our own individual ways. It may not have been perfect. It may not have lasted as long as I would have wanted it to, but it worked.

And as I watched them talk, as I watched them transform from tired, harried mothers into their own personal beauty and strength, they began to glow. Okay I’m not talking fluorescently as if a glow stick, I’m talking from the inside. And I realized nothing really is more important in life, it’s not the size of your bank account or your having the ideal partner or any of the other personal challenges you may face, but have you ‘Found It’???? THAT which makes YOU personally come alive .. Find a Womens Circle. Com .. get inspired.

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