I used to desire and strive for a Women’s Circle of the same women, growing closer with each year passing and the comfort level rising … has not happened. My Circle that I have been hosting the past three years tends to go in ‘cycles’ … so far, I can look back and see about three or four distinct ‘Circles’ with different ‘regulars’ coming and then life circumstances change, and even though they want to come, they don’t … a couple of ‘falling outs’ .. etc.

How do you all handle ‘burnout’? I have just changed my perspective … I change so much and in return, the women who come change so much. Yes, it would be lovely to change together, but so far, has not happened …

And then of course, I used to spend so much time worrying about ‘no one coming’. I prided myself that in the three years of doing this basically every two weeks, I had only had one time that one other women came and every other time, there were at least two.

But I let that go as well. A couple of Circles ago, I sat out in the ‘Moon Lodge’ by myself .. in the dark. Well, I was not completely alone, I listened to the mice scurrying above me, but I just let myself float and be absorbed into the dark … if we’re not going to be comfortable with ourselves, who else is?

Learning to sit alone in the dark is such an important task, no?

Anyhow, as we end the year, I find another cycle ending in the Circle .. sharing my description below for next year …

So for the past three years, I have hosted a Women’s Circle at my house, it’s description is as follows: the Moon Lodge is a women’s circle that meets on new and full moons as an interfaith place to pause from the stress of everyday life, honor the rhythms in ourselves and our world, appreciate beauty, our unique strengths, support each other, state intentions, help each other grow as we need to and better love, love, love … no room here for petty, judgmental or competitive. The only person we need to be better than … is the person we were yesterday. It’s purpose is To Inspire – what makes you come alive? Find it.

Looking for more women interested in coming .. ones that believe we are never done learning in life, that are willing to look at things from different perspectives, consider and change their mind when necessary but also completely comfortable with just holding their own opinion and letting you hold your’s, not afraid to look in the mirror and comfortable with or getting comfortable with the person they see there … you know, I used to say ‘like-minded’ women, but a very wise woman, and I have been so blessed over the past few years to be meeting quite a few of these, pointed out that you don’t want ‘like-minded’ women but rather women who are comfortable with who they are and comfortable letting you be … who you are.

I confess that winter is one of my favorite times for Circles in the moon lodge with the snow and pines outside, candles and love and comfort inside.

There is one coming up next week that is open to anyone who wants to check it out. (We cap it at 9 but still have several open spots.) Please pm me if you are interested in coming or learning more.


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