I am so excited that between the weekly New Circle and Events list and the weekly T-shirt giveaway, more of you than ever are entering your own Circle and Event information!!

I still enter quite a few myself and if you are wondering how I do this, I wanted to share.  As I am surfing my many groups and going through all the different newsletters that I am subscribe to, etc., I make a note of any Circles and Events.  Then I go to the Newly Listed section of the website and see which sections do not have newly listed (Women’s Circles, either USA or International, Events, either location or virtual, ongoing).

Whichever section does not, I pretty much then go to the first one I have marked and enter it.  I give preference to ones that have never been listed on the website before.

Just did not want you all to think that I am playing any favorites here, the whole premise of this site to me has been that there is something out there for every women, and my wish is that this site helps you find that.

By the way, we are at almost 2000 women who get the weekly notification of new Circles and Events so if you would like your Circle or Event listed, enter it! and it will go on the next newsletter (and if you are in the USA you will be entered in our weekly T-shirt contest).

Here is a quick 7 minute video I did on how to use the website.  Please feel free to ask any questions.  You can email me at … Jai ma

Also, while I am thinking of this, I get questions on how to best support the App, WELL, IF you are in the USA, please download a free smartphone app.

Iphone link here.

Android link here.

Besides buying a paid app ($3.99 and I only get half of that), the only other revenue source from all of this (and I have spent a car’s worth on it plus lots of my time) are the ads on the smartphone app.  So please … use it!

You can stay logged in, but if you don’t go back to the app for a few days, it will log you out automatically … so check it, please 🙂  … yes, odds are there may not be new events in your location but you can check the newly listed to see the new events around the country and I try to put in new Virtual Online events every few days … and check out the ads.  If it’s something that interests you, check it out.  We get even more money from that.  I think I made 85 cents so far this month so far from this … LOL .. so if you’re interested in really supporting the app, check out the sponsor page (thank you Gather the Women, Brigid’s Grove and Worldwide Women’s Circle!!   where you can see a paypal link to make a donation, but every bit helps, and I appreciate.

This has been a labor of love for me, and every penny I’ve put into it has been returned in some form by all the incredible women and ideas that I have met and been exposed to and the Circles that I have helped to form and the women that have connected through this … but that said, we all have bills … so your support of the App by USING the smartphone app is DEEPLY appreciated.

P.S.  Let’s put it this way if everyone who is active right now with a smartphone or android app used the App every third day to check out the newly listed and if any new in their area, then the App would be self-sufficient (meaning that from the revenue, I could pay the monthly fees I have associated with this – website hosting, mail-chimp, tech help, etc.) And it would not cost you a dime .. so please, if you can, use the Smartphone App. Questions on using it, please see here: