SO … two women came to our last Women’s Circle.  Both of them who facilitate these incredible events at Holistic Goddess Retreats.

One of them had the DF App on her smartphone, and the other had me explain exactly what the App is again …

The first one has been finding events through the App and enriching and enlarging her Circle.

THAT is why I created the DF App to help connect us, to help us grow, to strengthen and to learn … it is such a powerful tool.

And it’s free.  There’s no catch. *

It is free to register.  It is free to list your Circle information, and it is free to list your Event information.

Go to www.TheDFApp.com … if you are in the U.S. and have a smartphone, download the free smartphone app.

If you do not or are outside of the U.S., you can access everything right at http://www.TheDFApp.com .  You can visit the Find a Womens Circle site to get more information.

Look, I know new technology can be intimidating, and I know that we are all busy.  But really, it will be well worth your time.  Take the ten minutes to try it out.

“It was super easy! Love it!”  Danielle, Living Mandala Yoga.Com 

“Yes indeedy! I have found two new sisters through your app!””  Sarah Baxter-Arias

“I used the website on my phone and all the links were great. Sign up was easy. It did go to my general email not my primary box via gmail. Look forward to seeing the updates added.”Melanie Sorensen Taylor


*This is what the smartphone app looks like … ‘Daily Bible Verses’ may or may not be your thing, but this is the ‘revenue source’ for the DF App.  They’ve been showing this and ‘Pagan Horoscopes’ lately.  I know, what a mix. LOL.  Anyhow  I do not pick out the ads.  Google Admobs does.  But by using the smartphone app … checking out the updates, the quote of the day … helps sustain the App.  Check it out.  Use it.  Connect.  Heal.  Empower.  Jai ma.

** Confused about the word ‘app’?  App means it is ‘interactive’.  You can use The DF App to find information and add information to it.  The DF App also is available as a ‘smartphone app’ (USA Only for now) which means that you can download it to your smartphone, have an icon on your phone and easily visit it to check out new Circles and Events both in  your area and online (and don’t forget the Quotes of the Day.)

*** In March of 2017, the DF App will turn one year old.  As of February, 2070 women have registered for the App.  570 Women’s Circles or desire to find/join/start a Circle have been listed from around the World and 810 incredible ‘Divine Feminine’ events have been shared.  Check out what you have been missing …

the DF AppFind a Womens Circle

a powerful tool to help you connect, heal and empower