On this New Moon in Aries, I wanted to thank ALisa Starkweather and all of those women like her who help us see ‘possibilities’. Yesterday, I was on top of the world. Last night, the world pulled me back down to the reality of taking care of four children in a blended family with varying ages, financial stressors, exhaustion, needy, whiny, bored children on spring break, etc etc.

I could not even escape to my ‘Moon Lodge’ –my shed in the backyard where we host our Women’s Circles as I had just given my 14 year old son use of my Lodge in between circles and my once peaceful room was scattered with video games, empty water bottles, the pictures off the wall, my objects away in a box …

I could have done better, but I got through the night. And in the morning, I went out to the Moon Lodge and started putting it back together.

Put on some music, sat down, closed my eyes, … and I FELT ALisa’s Daughter of the Earth Gathering.

You see I have to stop myself from going down this pity road sometimes. My mother and I are not close. I moved often and am not by friends I grew up by. As I travel down this path to ‘becoming me’, I am finding myself having to let go of some of the people I thought were friends, but no longer fit. And when you and your husband are the only ones ever cooking, cleaning, driving and taking care of children (esp. multiple children), the repetitive, mundane tasks that are never shared with another adult often get too much to take.

I feel lonely.

But then I think of all of you: the many kind wonderful caring women I have met through this group and other groups like it. The ones I feel ‘akin’ to.  I closed my eyes and there I was in the backwoods of Massachusetts: the drums sounding, the women laughing and crying and hugging and sharing and learning.  And I see and feel the woman I can be.

I truly feel that I am doing the work of generations of dysfunction: changing perspectives and family dynamics and ways to live. It is hard work. But it is the most noble of works, too.

On this new moon in Aries, I want to offer my deep felt gratitude to all of the women out there who help light the path for us.

fire DOE


So I posted the above in our Facebook group and got all sorts of loving and supportive replies.  But I did not intend the post to be about me.  This is about all the women out there doing this work. This work, that unlike therapy (not knocking it, it has its place), but the counselors, psychologists etc I have gone to over the years, you learned ‘oh this is why you are the way you are’, but the women involved with this work Women’s Circles and the Divine Feminine, show you THIS IS WHO YOU CAN BE and actual physical, emotional concrete ways to get there!! JAI MA


Alessandra Belloni is another ‘Divine Feminine Persona’ who runs ‘Rhythm is the Cure’ retreats all over the world.  I really enjoyed this video below where she speaks about there being other cures for trauma besides pills and establishing centers all over where women can go to work through things through singing, dance, drumming and more … yes!  THAT is what we are building, and you can find one to go to at the dF App.    You can check out Alessandra Belloni’s website here.