I’ve got a hundred and two things to do.  Things have gotten so busy.  And you know how it is, when you are in ‘go, go, go’ mode, it never feels like you’re getting anything accomplished, because as soon as you get one thing done, five other things are screaming for your attention.

And then there’s the kids.  I’m finally, finally, finally lying in bed last night with a bum knee, a headache and exhaustion.  And there’s my 14 year old, ‘mom, mom … Mommmm?, I’m not feeling so good .. can you …’


But that is exactly when you need to step back, isn’t it.  This morning, I go to set up the ‘Moon Lodge’ for the Women’s Circle tonight.  Slowly.  Listening to music.  A meditation.  Lying on the couch.

And I look up, and there She is.

I’ve had this Moon and Sun hanging in here for over three years, but I’ve never noticed her before.  She’s a little witchy looking with her pointed nose, chin and stars for eyes.  But she’s plain as day.  Or night.  And perfect, isn’t She.

It’s all about perspective.  And balance.

Cannot wait for my Women’s Circle tonight.

Have you found your’s?

libra full moon lodge.JPG