What IF Your Favorite Facebook friends lived down the street?

I see these posts all the time in the various facebook groups that I am in: wild women groups, sisterhood, sacred circles, red tents, goddess groups and other women empowerment groups.  Someone will do a shout-out or mention their women’s circle, and others will say that they wish they had women around them interested in meeting this way.

And then there will ensue this hundreds plus comment threads of where everyone is from.  Just a couple days ago, I saw another one of these.  In two days time, 438 women responded with where they are from.

This is actually exactly what led me to create the dF App.  Because I thought wow, what a lousy inefficient way to connect.  LOL.  I mean it is very difficult and time consuming to go through 438 comments looking for women near you.

But WHAT IF, WHAT IF we had a way to put in where we live and then do a search and see other kickass, empowered women around us?

WE DO.  It’s called the dF App.

I would love to see more women using the dF App to connect in this way.  And this morning, I officially began work on adding ‘profiles’ to the dF App.  I can’t wait.  But in the meantime, you can use the app as it is to connect locally.

Go to ‘Add Circle’ and add a Circle with the title ‘Looking to connect/join/find/start’.  Put a short description of who you are, the link to your facebook profile (optional) and an email.  And there you go. (There is a short 5 min video here which will show you exactly how to do this.)

Do you know how many incredibly awesome, strong, interesting women I have met around me through this App???  Ones I never would have known literally live DOWN THE STREET from me.  Like Veronica Ruiz of Holistic Goddess Retreats – check out her upcoming retreats in Thailand, Peru, Morocco, Arizona and more!

“But what about our privacy???  We can’t do that …”  I get you, I do.  But here’s the thing …

  • You have to register to use the dF App:  confirming your email.  So there is a way to trace you back to an actual computer.
  • Actual addresses are not used only postal codes.
  • Registered women [people] get your email only.  You can make or use an email that does not have your actual name.
  • Once you connect, use your freaking common sense.  Become Facebook friends, talk on the phone, slowly get to see if you vibe with this person … no Bluebeards allowed.

Together we Rise.  Seriously, women, use the dF App to connect.  And it’s free to use and connect.

Women’s Circles Added This Week

T-shirt Winner from last week:  Planetary Woman Yoga in Phoenixville Pennsylvania.   … “every month on the Wednesday closest to the new moon we will meet at 8pm at ocean earth wind fire. this circle will delve deep into dreamspeak, the unique language of your dreams, & the messages your dreams are trying to gift you. in addition to group discussion, we may use guided meditation, oracle cards, tarot cards, ritual, or reenactment to get closer to the dreams. after dreamwork has finished, we will make moon wishes for the upcoming lunar cycle.”

Women’s Circles added this week:
F.I.R.E. Red Tent and Moon Lodges in York, Pennsylvania and Sacred Priestess Journey in Indianapolis, IndianaInternational Women’s Circles added in Brazil and Lawson New South Wales.

Divine Feminine Events
Dance Feminine Power from 5/25 to 5/30 in Grants Pass, Oregon and Earth Day Sound Meditation in Hoboken, New Jersey on 4/21.

International Events:

  • The Gathering in Vancouver, BC Canada 5/19 to 5/22: Trance and Altered States.
    This year we invite you into a deep spiritual work steeped in old and new traditions that induce trance and other deep meditative practices and can lead to altered states of consciousness and awareness.
  • Shematrix.  Join us in this two day workshop which explores your relationship to Feminine archetypes in Mullumbimby Creek NSW 2482, Australia
  • Goddess Getaway on 5/31 in Bailieboro, ON L0A, Canada


Virtual / Online new this week:

Rebirth/Oracle Priestess –  Join Marguerite for her FREE GLOBAL TELECALL: The Rebirth of Oracle Priestessing Today ~ Longing to connect to the Divine Feminine to access guidance? ~ Curious about the oracles of the past & how they’re reemerging to assist us? ~ Want to know how to cultivate this vital priestess practice in service to humanity?  TWO LIVE CALLS: Wed April 26, 2017 & Wed May 17, 2017 10–11:30 am Pacific; 1 pm EST; 6 pm UK Live (more fun!) or listen later • phone or web

Ongoing Virtual added:
Temple of Ara –  “Each of us is a temple of the Goddess, and the God – the Divine dwells within us, and our spirituality is about honoring that innate divinity, in ourselves, as well as in the world.” –Phyllis Curott, Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic.

The Ara Tradition is an international shamanic Wiccan spiritual tradition devoted to experiencing the divinity that dwells within Nature and in ourselves. It is a spiritual path and a community that is rediscovering the wisdom of our ancestors and creating a new relationship with our Mother Earth and with one another.  Check out and like their Facebook page here.


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*The picture is from the incredibly beautiful inside and out Arna Baartz:  check out her work here.