Preorder Goddess Wisdom

I feel like I have ‘known’ Tanishka the past three years through her wonderful newsletter and facebook page, but last night, I had an opportunity to talk with her.  We spoke about my vision for the dF App: Find a Womens Circle .Com and how my desire is that the website be a way to help us all connect, heal and empower through the Divine Feminine:  not only local Women’s Circles but also bigger events/retreats and online courses such as she participates in and hosts.

And I’m excited to say that in the next version, you will be able to follow Profiles such as Tanishka so that you can keep organized in one place all incredible offerings such as her’s and other’s.

Right now, Tanishka is promoting her latest book Goddess Wisdom: Connect to the Power of the Sacred Feminine through Ancient Wisdom and Practices.  If you preorder her book, then you will receive a bonus 5 day Elemental Goddess Program.

Here’s the lowdown on the book:

The latest title by best selling author, Tanishka, known to many as ‘The Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily intuitive guidance is a comprehensive handbook detailing ancient feminine practices, teachings & traditions. Including:

  • The history of the ancient Goddess traditions & why they’re now returning
  • The 7 Goddess archetypes and their chakras
  • Our feminine life stages and how to transition into each one
  • The 3 Goddess paths of initiation used by ancient priestesses
  • Tools for understanding and aligning with the cycles of nature
  • Rituals and exercises to reconnect with your inner goddess
If you preorder the book, the 5 day Elemental Goddess program includes:
  • Meditations to align with each element for balance & wellbeing

  • Practical Suggestions to embody the strengths of each element

  • The alchemical symbol & correspondences for each element

  • How to identify elemental imbalances and correct them

  • Ancient practices to invoke and celebrate each element

Tanishka’s headed next week to UK.  You can see more about her events here and also, of course, on the dF App.
* By the way, note the book is being published by Hay House … Louise Hay.  Love to see Goddess books being published by main stream popular Self Help organizations like Hay House. Rising.