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“You will be teachers for each other.  You will come together in Circles and speak your truth to each other.  The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for the planet.” – Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins  The Feminine Face of God. 

There’s something going on. Have you noticed?

We are working on a second version of the divine feminine app which will allow you to connect both locally and through your interests.

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In a transitional period such as this, every day, you have the choice to be inspired, to love and to grow … or to be fearful and angry.

I went to an incredible event the other weekend, the Midwest Herbal conference. And all weekend long, nature and all the wise woman around me whispered, ‘Life! Life! Come this way.” 

And then I came home … to the same ol’ challenges and problems: financial, unemployment, struggling personal relationships, needy children.

But I brought something of the weekend back with me.

I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart to watch my daughters playing ‘moon lodge’ up in the arms of a pine tree. They are learning to keep something for themselves. So that they can give more away.

No one has been more influential in connecting women in the U.S. and now, around the world!  … If women’s circles are changing the world, I believe that the divine feminine app is the Mother ship! .”  Mary Cunningham, International Coordinator for Gather the Women

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