“The conversation, the feminine dialogue resonates because it is our untapped voice of the divine that is being spoken to, and heard. The ritual of circle reawakens the divinity within us that we have been separated from for so long. It rekindles the connection we have with the universe and ignites the power within us. Circle reminds me that there is no end; that my tears are not mine alone; that my joys are not mine alone; that there is still compassion, and there’s still magic; it reminds me that the moon is my sister and my blood is sacred; that the passing through the seasons of my life is full and robust with possibility and power; circle reminds me that there is a united universal force that cradles my womanhood . My wish is that you find your tribe, that you unite your voice, that you channel your magic, that you create life in every capacity, that you live in a state of overflowing joy and compassion, that you continue the story, continue to make new stories, to love passionately, to cry powerfully, to live abundantly.

-With love, Your Sister Danielle Age 30 Raleigh, North Carolina from Laura Tria’s book HerStory: A Feminine Interpretation of Ancient Knowledge


New Circles Added this Week:

  • Goddess Temple Moon Lodge in Ashland, Oregon
  • Women’s Circle in Guerneville, California.  We are an intentional gathering of women in the West Sonoma County area (Russian River) who honor the sacred cycle of moon and the divine feminine. We meet monthly in circle to share and empower one another in our individual and collective spiritual work of healing ourselves and our world.
  • Summer Solstice Circle in Philadephia, Pennsylvania.  Through the power of pausing, gratitude, visioning, meditation, soul inquiries, sharing, beauty, ritual and ceremony you will receive simply and tangible tools, wisdom and practices to help you move into summer taking radical care of yourself, staying true to yourself and living in more and more alignment with their heart and soul…no matter what.
  • Ayodele Youth Program in Chicago, Illinois. Sesa Wo Suban. 5-12 yo Ayodele’s path to the crown of womanhood. This youth program is designed to help young dancers learn to use creative expression to explore their identities, hopes, and dreams while developing their self-image
  • Support Group for Moms in Edmonton, Canada.  Sunday mornings, 11-12:15, talking stick, gnome cards, crystals, aromatherapy, resources (esp low-income), maternal mental health.
  • New Moon Circle in Cologne, Germany.  Be welcome dear sister, meet the united global sisterhood movement in Cologne, when we rise again next together new moon.
  • Red Tent in Healesville, Victoria Canada.  Every aspect of the Red Tent encompasses exploration of the feminine energy from indigenous cultures to the modern day shaman. It is a safe and sacred space in which you have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self, to share your intuition & gifts, and be supported in a sisterhood of exchanged knowledge & wisdom. .. The Red Tent is a non-denominational circle and offers an authentic and safe space for all woman. Amanda Pippos.

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New Virtual/Online Events Added:

  • Creative Spirit Circle  Ongoing … The Creative Spirit Circle is a free worldwide online circle for goddess spirituality by Brigids Grove. It includes a companion online classroom, a Womanrunes course, a Voices from the Red Tent class, a Goddess Studies and Ritual class, weekly virtual circles in our Facebook group, Red Tent resources, blessing posters and mandalas, and a monthly journal.
  • Lion’s Gate Light Language.  From August 7-21st. Begin with full moon portal in Aquarius, the water bearer priestess blessing with live video seminar. Two week course with Soul Language activation + alignment with HeART’s Light. Kundalini energy healing through various modalities, including flower essence therapy, pranayama, mantra + mudra practice, Thymus & Immune system support with microbial balancing.
  • Virtual New Moon on 6/23.  NEW MOON IN CANCER ! Are those gushy Emotions surfacing? Are you feeling extra Tender? Wondering why? l Invite You to join us in Circle this FRIDAY to learn some Cool Stuff! During our Virtual Circle, I share Teachings on the Native Lunar Cycle, Animal Wisdom, Astrology, and Numerology, and a few other goodies.  By Kerrin McIntosh.
  • Sun Rising Solstice Circle on 6/23.  From the dawn of time cultures from around the world have gathered on the Summer Solstice to honor & celebrate our connection to the Sun as the source of our light. This is a very potent time to pause and reflect upon how you have been spending your energy since the beginning of the year.
  • Virtual New Moon Circle on 6/22.  I invite you to join us in the comfort of your home as we set intentions and surrender what no longer serves us, for each moon cycle using ritual tools, meditation, and more..

New Divine Feminine Location Based Events added this past week:

  • New Moon Ceremony in Austin Texas on 6/23.  Austin, Texas ladies! Join us for an evening of New Moon Magic. This is the most potent time of the month to set intentions and plant seeds of intention and desire. RE- ALIGN WITH YOUR INNER MOON!
  • Sovereign Woman Retreat in Ashland, Oregon from 9/7 to 9/10.  Owning our Health, Fertility, & Sexuality! Join body literacy experts Sarah Bly, Kim Keller, & Samantha Zipporah as they nurture & inform a community of women claiming body sovereignty through empowered & embodied fertility, sex, & cycles.
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes course in Loveland, Colorado from 9/26 to 10/1.  Getting Unstuck, The Five Heroic Tasks of Full Creative Life. The most difficult endeavor is not to create something. The most difficult endeavor is not even to begin. The most difficult is to keep rowing all the way through to completion. And this, in spades, is the content of the night-sea journey… making the descent to true self, nourishing the work from that locus of control, and completing the work. Then beginning the next, and the next… and completing them.”
  • Goddess Circle in Poway, California on 6/26. We gather for ritual and ceremony. We unite to connect and support our sisters, daughters, mothers. We reveal our true selves, to explore the vast depths of our existence as woman with a mission on this planet. We gather to celebrate our differences and learn from our stories.
  • Women Bridging Worlds in Canton Georgia on 6/23
  • Celebrating Summer in New York City, New York on 6/24. Hot town, summer in the city
    Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty  So the lyrics go from the classic by The Lovin’ Spoonful. The summer solstice is on Wednesday. So Summer is here!!
  • Tantric Dance Salon in Hayward, California on 6/23.  A Sisterhood of the Moon Red Tent
    Tantric Dance Salon with Priestess Sabrina Moon & Special Guest Priestess Brook,
    Sisterhood of the Moon Sanctuary,
  • Red Tent Sound Meditation in Hoboken, New Jersey on 6/23.
  • The Queen’s Vigil in Tyngwndwn, Cilcennin, SA48 8RJ Lampeter UK.  Awen Clement’s … The 4th annual Call of the Morrigan Retreat brings you a weekend of devotion and vigil dedicated to the Great Queen. We will come together as a tribe to honour Her name, seeking blessings in the river waters and keeping vigil overnight by the fireside, listening for Her in the wind, watching for Her in the flames.

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