“No one has been more influential in connecting women in the U.S. and now, around the world! … If women’s circles are changing the world, I believe that the divine feminine app is the Mother ship! .” Mary Cunningham, International Coordinator for Gather the Women

Looking for a long term ux designer relationship. Released a computer app THE DIVINE FEMININE APP – a convergence of feminism and spirituality a little over a year ago.

With little to no advertising, women have been registering every single day (over 2500 currently). You can check out current app at www.findawomenscircle.com or www.thedfapp.com … however, the smartphone app is only available at this point in the USA or India.

It is very simple at this point. I want to keep the simplicity but need to make the app more interactive by adding profiles, newsfeed, comments and premium features. I know pretty much know what I am wanting but need someone’s help in translating it to wireframes.

YOU must be: sympathetic to concept of app, communicative, responsive, .. I’m not so much interested in what’s ‘hip or in’, but in keeping app simple and easy to use with a sleek design.

My desire is to have this be the ‘google of the divine feminine world’.

This is a very strong niche that has been around the past 40 years and is currently exponentially growing. Okay, you could argue 100’s of 1000’s of years, but this is the return of the divine feminine.

If you would like to be a part of it, please contact me. As I said, I am looking for a long term relationship with a UX designer. I have worked with the same development team for the past couple of years and am happy with them, but needing to find this piece of the puzzle.

*** Bringing the Divine Feminine and balance to the world.

THIS. This is a Sacred Circle. This is a Women’s Circle.

A Red Tent. A Goddess Temple. A Coven of Witches.

Incorporating Christianity or Hinduism or Sufism.

Whatever works.

Because we are all different. Because we are all the same.

Ancient. Ancient Mother.

Bringing the same troubles and the same human foibles to the Circle.

A reminder to look within.

Find beauty. Connect. Heal. Empower.***

It is basically already done, but please redo the ‘newfeed’ first page. (On Fiverr.) You can find the rough draft of the wireframe and my notes at dropbox here.


Email me at Admin@thedfapp.com and please ask any questions that you may have.

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