“The Red Tent movement is sweeping the world. The tipping point has come and it is time for change as the age of the Divine feminine has arrived.”  Red Tent Doulas.

New Circles Added this Week:

  • Wise Women Circle in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Wise Women Circle . Gathering of Women . Open to all women . The Core group are women over 40 years old , elders, older , Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers. We are trying to building community beyond the internet , real time, real spaces , Face to Face , beyond Facebook, Twitter , chat sites . We are a new group … see app for email address.
  • Awakening the Lioness WC in Poway, California. Calling all women to join our weekly circle for support, love and being heard and seen!
  • Women’s Circle in Syracuse, New York.  Women’s Circle is a place to come together and enjoy like-minded company. A place to let your hair down and share what’s on your mind, laugh, sometimes cry. Whatever you are comfortable with, just know there is never any judgment.
  • Tucson Warrior Goddess in Tucson, Arizona.  We meet the First Friday of every month for our women’s circle of wisdom with the intent of gaining access to the mysteries and the power of the Divine Feminine in order to appreciate our gifts, strengths, and growth in all phases of our feminine journey.
  • SHEmoons LunaWisdom Circle in West Jordan, Utah.  This is a small, intimate interactive circle with space for up to 13 committed women who desire to connect with other women and delve into moon rhythm and yoni care while also bringing to the circle their own feminine wisdom and embodiment practices that guide us to that innermost place of intimacy with the holy.
  • Mov Rent Tent in Marietta, Ohio.  “We all move forward when we realize how resilient and striking the women around us are” The history of women is often a story that goes untold.
  • Mahara Holistic Lifestyle in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A holistic tempelshop where you will be provided in (almost) all of your holistic needs straight from they heart and right into your soul!
  • Red Tent Doulas in Birmingham, UK.  The Red Tent movement is sweeping the world. The tipping point has come and it is time for change as the age of the Divine feminine has arrived. Women are coming together to support each other and share their love, wisdom and healing. The concept of the doula is one of a woman who…

New Location Based Divine Feminine Events added this Week:

  • PIcnic Potluck – Wise Women in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 8/13.  A new Group, building community in real time, real space and not just on the internet , cyber space , Iphone . write , bigfiregoddess@yahoo.com for details, thanks.
  • Women’s Lunar Lammas Rite in Hayward, California on 8/7/17.  Under the Aquarian Full Moon of Lunar Lammas, we once again celebrate the First Harvest together by gathering in our Sacred Grove for this much-beloved community rite of honoring ourselves as Sovereign Queens.
  • Embody the Divine Feminine in Scotts Valley, California from 11/26 to 12/1.  Enter the Women’s Body Temple and access the powerful source of energy, self discovery and creativity available to you! Prana Regina Barrett is the author of Lighter: Living Tantra and creator of Women’s Body Temple.
  • Red Drum, Cacao, Fire Ceremony in West Jordan, Utah on 9/16/17.  Join me for a day of sacred drum making, cacao & fire ceremony. The red drum symbolizes the Divine Feminine, the womb, the moon, menstruation, childbirth and the heartbeat of mother earth.
  • Soul Healing in Glastonbury, UK from 9/8/17 to 4/19/2018, separate weekend events.  With Kathy Jones.  Soul Healing is a subtle and powerful form of energetic healing, that works with the energies of the whole person, with the physical and energetic bodies, the emotions, thoughts, personality and soul, to help bring us back from the state of dis-ease to a state of ease and well-being.
  • New Moon Sister Circle in Concord, California on 7/27/17.  Our theme this month is is RADICAL VISIBILITY: Fearlessly, Authentically, Me.Whether you are desiring greater love and connection in your life or seeking to blossom into the next phase of your career, being authentic is key.

New Virtual Online Events Added This Week:

NOTE:  in Version Two, you will be able to make ‘announcements’ like Marguerite’s below.  For now, you can ‘post event’, then hit virtual, then put it on for a week’s time, and I will mention in the newsletter …

  • Dear Sacred Community: Below is the link to the interview Shima Moore did with me Monday on “Living in Mythic Times.” I spoke on the return of the Oracle, humanity’s awakening to the fairy/fey realm & the purpose of human/fairy hybrids on the planet now, the mysteries of the Holy Womb Chakra revealed in hidden teachings from India, including information about Mary as the greatest Master who walked the earth, and the issue of spirit attachment & how we may regain sovereignty. Shima starts w/ an astrological reading on the current moons & eclipses coming in Leo! Marguerite Rigoglioso
  • Not to late to join this free week event:  Elizabeth Foley … free online retreat with Facebook group and many participants. Our retreat officially begins new moon, July 23rd. Each day for 7 days you’ll get an email with links to the days 3 sessions. All sessions will be live until the full moon on August 7th. You’ll be having hands on experiences with movement, meditation, journaling, creativity, and so much more! Think of this like a 14-day at home retreat. Make space for it. Soak it up.

Blog Post “What is a Women’s Circle” … “The Moon Lodge is a women’s circle that meets on new and full moons as an interfaith place to pause from the stress of everyday life, honor the rhythms in ourselves and our world, appreciate beauty, our unique strengths, support each other, state intentions, help each other grow as we need to and better love …”  This upcoming November, I will have been hosting Women’s Circles every two weeks for four years. And I realized this morning, that one of the problems with this is that you forget that a whole lotta women … have no idea what you’re talking about.
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