The divine feminine app has another new sponsor:  Maureen Walton and Wyldwood Sojourn of south eastern Ontario.  Maureen is again one of my favorite types of ‘divine feminine persona’.  The events that she hosts are not meant to entertain and relax.  They are ‘Soul Work’: opportunities to learn an entirely different way of taking responsibility, doing the “ground work” and learning the magical alchemy of the Womb. 

Maureen Walton is a Mural artist who lives at Wyldwood Sojourn:  her studio and home in two wooded acres in south eastern Ontario. The area, Tyendinaga, is the home of the Iroquois virgin birth mothers, who were an essential part of the mission to bring forward the Great Law of Peace, conceived 1000 years ago. 

Wyldwood Sojourn’s woods are graced with 2 mongolian yurts that provide womb like, ceremonial spaces. Together with the woods itself, they offer the opportunity to experience directly, earth consciousness as inner work is done.

Wyldwood Sojourn currently has four regular teachers, each with her own leading edge stream of Womb Wisdom to share.

Wyldwood Sojourn focus is to restore a deep connection with the Inner feminine source of life that is present within the sacred ‘life giving Darkness’- the Dark of The Womb.
We are speaking of the womb of earth, the womb of outer space and the woman’s womb. We are speaking of the Vibrant Void.

 Wyldwood Sojourn is also becoming a resource space for newly recovered ancient traditions such as;

  • the 8th major ‘holy womb chakra’, (as brought forward by Swami Kaleshwar 15 years ago, of the Divine Lineage U. )
  • The Inca,’ power of the womb’ magic, (gathered in by Cindy Lindsay PHD) led Maureen Walton
  • The very real practice of self conceiving and Divine Birth, as researched by Marguerite Rigoglioso PHD
  • The ancient Hibernian Mysteries exploring earth currents, standing stones & the wise women of the time, as recalled by Karen Homes BofEd
  • – Seven Waves movement, Wombdance and Arabic music from Roula Said. (spiritual belly dance.)

To learn more about Maureen Walton and Wyldwood Sojourn please visit her webpage here.