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30 years.  Astrological signs that say the seeds you are planting right now will set the stage for the next three decades.  Reading that this morning in Bairavee Balasubramaniam‘s post made me think of my video call last night with Maureen Walton.  What a wonderful call where I learned about the sacred, powerful ground she lives on, and we talked about so many things in a short period of time.

One of them being how I see how there are these ‘waves’.  One of the major ones being in the 80’s where a lot of women who paved the way (ALisa Starkweather, Carol P. Christ, Karen Tate, Jean Shonoda Bolen and many more) started on their paths. 

And how, I feel, by looking at mainstream media and by seeing how strongly women are drawn to spiritual feminism in these past few years, how we are on the precipice of another wave. And it’s going to be a Big One.

How so many of us in this group are being called and led and learning … and then it strikes me how in the very powerful piece that Glenys Livingstone shared, how very difficult those choices were that women in the prior wave had to make, but we are blessed now.

Yes, blessed. That in a time when so very many think things are falling apart, you and me know that they are coming together.

And you no longer have to leave your family and go to Berkeley to learn about Goddess culture, but learning different ways to live and be and following the things that call to you can be done by ordering books through Womancraft Publishing or Amazon or using the Divine Feminine App to start a Women’s Circle in your little corner of the world, like Rebecca Buck did.

So very blessed.

Going to share in the newsletter today my vision for the next version of the Divine Feminine App … sometimes I question myself on how much time and money I spend on this, but then I get off the phone with Maureen and feel every cell in my body alive … or I hear how these posts led Angie Webster to women’s circles and life-changing books like Lucy Pierce‘s Burning Women and how Angie’s whole circle is now reading that book: books like her’s that can only be read in short bursts as they resonate so strongly, and you have to wait to absorb the aftershocks.

You and me. We’re changing the world.

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