I just returned from the Annual Gathering of Gather the Women at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I am completely blown away by the weekend. One of the conveners told us that in planning for this year’s gathering, she initially thought, ‘Let’s go bigger!’

Another said, ‘No, let’s not go bigger, let’s go deeper.’

And that is exactly what they did.

When we arrived, we each were put in a clan of five women, and we met in our individual clans several times over the weekend. I do not know if this was planned, but my clan had women from every age … 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The wisdom and perspective that I gained from each and every one of them as well as the bonding that occurred, I will carry it with me always.

When I go to women’s events, you see a ‘core of women.’ None of us can do it on our own, as it takes the cooperation of an entire team. Sometimes, as this is human nature, I find myself a bit ‘envious’ of the team. And my normal human reaction is to either decide to do what it takes to become part of that team or take the opposite approach and say “Nope, not for me” and start looking for what is wrong with the ‘team’.

I thought Gather the Women did an incredible job of showing us this core group of women who have stepped so fully into their own skin and unique powers and who have these amazing relationships with each other that have obviously been built over a long period of time, while still managing to balance that with extending their hand out to others.

There were women there from all over the world: Buenos Aries, Australia, Canada, Bangkok and all four corners the United States, but at the same time, I felt so comfortable and included. You could see the time, care and love that these women had put into the planning and preparation for this Gathering. And the result was that I felt as if I had a personal invitation to their home.

They made the right decision. Go deeper. I heard my opinion repeated several times by many others that even if they had left after just one circle out of the many that we had, we would have felt fulfilled. I learned so much from each and every woman I encountered.

So the question then becomes ‘How do we go bigger but stay deep at the same time?’

We work together: all of us, every organization and every woman who hosts these. Everyone. We demonstrate our strengths: one of them being the strength to keep putting your hand out.

Their theme this year was ‘Together We Rise.’ We’ve all heard that phrase often, right? But I really let that sink in this weekend.

Because surely, truly, that is how we rise. Together.

*Disclaimer: These posts are my opinion and not necessarily those of the Gather the Women organization. I do not claim to speak for them. But check them out, they are an incredible group of women.  – from Karen Moon, Found-Her of the divine feminine app

** Picture is the Eagle Clan from Gather the Women.   Picture from Left to Right:  R., C.,  Karen Moon, Michelle Quinn, B.

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