I wanted to say a great big thank you to Gather the Women for not only inviting me to their gathering, but allowing me to talk about the divine feminine app at the conference.

The mission of the divine feminine app is to spread this concept of connecting, healing and empowering through the ‘divine feminine’, and I have made a conscious effort to not support just one but include as many as possible different types of personalities and organizations within the app. I have talked about this before with Mary Cunningham, the international coordinator of Gather the Women.

And therefore, I get that allowing me to promote the app says something about their organization: that they are secure and strong enough in themselves to ‘allow others’ and that they see the ‘bigger picture’.

I also got some great feedback about the divine feminine app at the gathering. There were many there who have been comfortable with the concept of ‘the divine feminine’ for decades, but there were also women new to the idea.

One of them told me that she had heard about the divine feminine app previously but been hesitant to list her desire for a circle on there as she is not comfortable with this whole concept of ‘divine feminine’.

She just does not quite get it, and the name has therefore been a bit of a turn-off for her. She suggested I might do better calling it ‘The Women’s Circle’ app or something along those lines.

I thanked her for her feedback and do appreciate any and all feedback.

At the same time, I was thinking that I’ve already bought the websites, done so much hard work over the past few years and ‘it’s working.’ There are 2000 circles and events listed all over the world. There are 3000 women registered with more registering each day. What’s more I can think of one women specifically who found Gather the Women through the app and is now becoming strongly involved with them. And I have a page full of testimonials where women have found other circles and events through the app.

And I then started thinking what exactly does that mean: ‘the divine feminine’.

One of the many circles that I attended, there was a women there who said she grew up Christian but then became disillusioned with organized religion and left. She later found Women’s Circles and has become very involved but admitted that she was really missing ‘prayer.’

This led to a discussion of many women saying, ‘pray! Prayer is: respect, honor, beauty, acknowledgement. Keep praying!’ (I mean gosh, you know, it’s ‘scientifically’ proven that prayer works), but maybe, perhaps you just need to change how you pray.

Personally, I have drifted away from Christianity for two reasons. The first being that I refuse to believe that people like Ghandi are in hell because they never chose Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Religion is a framework in which to find God, and all of them have Love as their base.

And two, I got tired of being told that I was made in God’s image. But that God is a white male.

Where does that leave the rest of us?

If I am made in God’s image, then God can be a ‘She’. And for me personally, I believe Jesus is okay with that. Ironically, I even feel closer to Jesus than I ever did when I called myself a ‘Christian.’

How I choose to honor God and find divinity, that is my business.

What truly matters is how you live your life on a daily basis, how you treat others and the choices you make, not how you define yourself as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, etc.

And I believe that the same people who have a problem seeing God as a woman also have a problem seeing God in a black man, an Islamic, a tree …or at least without first aligning others to their personal way of looking at things.

But at its heart, the ‘divine feminine’ is inclusive not exclusive. It recognizes that things are not black and white, that we all have our own unique strengths as well as light and dark, cycles and shades of gray, emotions and feelings as valuable not weakness, intuition being just as valid as logic, the power of personal intent and learning to look within.

At its heart, divine feminine is intended to bring balance to a world in need of it.

So yes, I could call this the ‘Women Circle App’ or something along those lines, but I for one am rather tired of softening things in order to become more palatable for those who may be uncomfortable with the term.

Haven’t we women been doing that long enough?



**Disclaimer: These posts are my opinion and not necessarily those of the Gather the Women organization. I do not claim to speak for them. But check them out, they are an incredible group of women.  – from Karen Moon, Found-Her of the divine feminine app