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There is a deeply ingrained pattern in the way we live our lives in the modern world. We are driven to constant action, not only with our bodies, but in our minds. We saturate ourselves in busy-ness, noise, and overachieving. We continually push onward, taking the world on our shoulders, and resenting what gets in our way. Many even take this pattern into their spiritual path or their search for the Divine Feminine.

This pattern stops the natural flow of healing, creating, restoring, listening and gathering. It teaches us to hold ourselves in and push ourselves down a path that isn’t even ours. It disrupts the natural balance that brings connection to ourselves, the world, and to the Divine Feminine within us all.

We glorify busy-ness, taking it as a sign that we are strong and “good” when our plate is so full we can no longer think straight.  When we are always planning for the next goal.  Or when we ignore our bodies as they cry out to rest, to dance, to exclaim in passion or sorrow.  We resist our emotions, hold in our voices and bodies.  We ignore our primal selves; our vastness.

This is an ongoing pattern of contraction, like a labor pain that never releases for rest and further expansion.  A pattern that never allows the birth process to complete. This pattern hurts.  It makes us sick, sucking the life force from us.  It creates anxiety and chronic illness.

The Divine Flow between natural movement and natural stillness has been removed from our lives. In its place is a constant fear of not doing enough, of not being “good enough.” Or perhaps a fear of rejection, shame, or loss. Many, including myself, have experienced the more primal fear of death, pain, and lack of basic survival needs like food and shelter.

So many women have these fears. While we often don’t have a rational explanation for why we have such deep fears, they are very real. We feel it in our bones, in our roots. We sense it in our subconscious. Many of us have experienced loss, shame, and punishment in this lifetime and it feels all too real for us.

We have all heard stories of women who stepped out of line, were too close to nature, or carried wisdom that others didn’t understand. We have seen how much they lost, how they were punished or shamed. We all carry the ancestral memory of it. And it freezes us. It locks us in the same damaged patterns that created it. Patterns of fear, suppression, and disconnection.

Both stillness and movement are part of life. As you watch the cycles of Nature, stillness predominates. Yet there is a force that knows when and how to move. We hold that same Feminine Force within our own bodies. We learn to stuff it down and ignore it. We have forgotten how to move in natural ways, how to express. Despite this, we can each learn to hear that Force again and to flow with it.

The natural, fluid, and primal ways of moving and being in our bodies can feel so foreign and even terrifying, that we pretend we don’t feel them. We get so used to our bodies being an enemy or a tool that we no longer notice the instincts we carry. But they are there. Just as surely as the wounds and fears of our ancestors are buried within our cells, so are the natural ways.

To begin to heal this, look to your own precious body. Listen to it. Learn it’s language. Notice when it wants to rest, when it wants to dance, how your hips long to loosen and move freely when you walk, how your shoulders want to soften and become fluid. Notice how you hold your voice back when it longs to cry, moan, wail, or scream.

Dance, vocalization, and living in harmony with the cycles of the body have long been part of the ways that women have found healing and connection. In listening to the body, we release what needs to move through and hear what is calling to us. Balance is restored. We return to the flow of the Divine Feminine.

Where can you start? In your own body and life. Begin by noticing where you hold yourself back, where you resist the natural movement of energy inside you. Then take small steps outside of your comfort zone to re-learn how to release the flow of energy.

  • Let yourself exclaim in joy and wonder! Let your tears fall and your voice wail with grief and sorrow! Let the moan of pleasure cry out from your lips! Let the energy move. Speak up to set right an injustice, to guide, to teach, to lead, to heal.
  • Dance! Belly dance, tribal dance, or Middle Eastern dance can reacquaint you with the energy and natural movement of your body. Many women find it heals body, mind, and spirit. Even if you can’t take classes, put on some music and just let your body move as it wants to. Don’t be afraid of the movements or of how you look. Really be in your body and fully with the signals it sends you.
  • Listen to the primal energies that want to express as you walk, dance, make love, or give birth. Notice the resistance you hold or the fears you have around natural movement.
  • Chart your monthly cycles. Learn the ways of your body. Let yourself be in wonder of it. Touch it. Look at it in a mirror. Not only can this be very healing physically and emotionally, it reconnects you to the natural rhythms of life.
  • Pay attention to the cycles of Nature. The rise and fall of day, along with the different energies throughout the day. The waxing and waning of the moon. The cycle of the seasons. Notice the cycles of our lives. Birth, life, death, and renewal are all around us, always.
  • Rest when your body and soul cry out for it. Even taking a moment to breathe brings such healing and restoration.
  • Take time to be in stillness and quiet. Each day, spend at least a few minutes sitting quietly and simply be. Let Nature move through you as She will. Receive, allow, let go. Let yourself be with the Divine in this void. Remember the truths and healing it holds. Become familiar with its magic.
  • Let your primal urges and desires arise. You don’t have to act on them if you don’t want to, but at least pay attention to what they are and what fears they bring up in you.
  • Release the need to prove you are a “good girl,” sexy enough, or good enough to “keep up with the men.”

You contain the Universe in your belly. Rest in Her arms. Let Her unfold through you. Let your walls fall down. Let the fire & water shake loose from the earth of your body. Let it heal you and let yourself be free. Even if only for moments at a time, remember how to simply be.

angieI am Angie Webster and I have created several online courses to help you, such as Herbalism Basics, Empathic Thriving, Crystals & Reiki 101, and Working with the Elements. I am available to teach local workshops & classes in the Central Illinois area. I also offer Reiki, Reflexology, and Bach Flower Essence consultations. Please check out my offerings here