Yesterday, I drove over four hours to go hear Marianne Williamson speak. She is amazing. If I had to pick one person in the past four years who has influenced me the most, she would be it. I listen to her audio Course of Miracles almost every day, and I cannot tell you the amount of times it has gently picked me off of the wrong path and set me back in the direction that I wish to be going.

But I should also be listening to her weekly podcasts and intend to start. When I am done with this article, I am going to enter all of her remaining Love America speaking dates on the divine feminine app and mention in the newsletter, because if you are anywhere near her, go listen to her!

I don’t really understand why there are not thousands and thousands going to see her. I don’t understand why we’re not insisting that she run for President. But she spoke about that, too .. how when there is a change in public consciousness, there is also a ‘lag’. There is a ‘lag’ between the time we accept these things as public knowledge compared to when we as individuals give ourselves permission to speak and to act upon them.

Goddess bless those women who have already given themselves permission. There was a panel full of them last night. What we couldn’t do if we harnessed our power! Marianne speaks of this, too: that right now, our country and government is being steered by fear, bigotry and hatred. And that has happened, because those who are afraid, bigoted and full of hate, let that motivate their actions 24/7.

But those of us who love, we are the majority. We are. If we allowed that to steer our actions and our country 24/7, we could change the world.

This event last night was the reason I started the divine feminine app. Because just as I believe that sitting in a Sacred Circle and finding Sisterhood has incredible power to heal yourself, I believe that going to events like this can change you forever.

One of the panel members, Dr. Susan J. Rose, spoke of this. She said her life was changed at 16, when she skipped school to go hear Martin Luther King Jr. speak. It set her on her path of working at the intersection of politics and social work.

And I really like that Marianne is not an ‘Us vs. Them’ person. She is not a ‘Left vs. Right’. She sees and discusses problems with both sides of the political spectrum. Marianne stresses that we must not demonize people. We must fix the system.

Why there needs to be more women in politics:

Because women have always excelled at two things: taking care of their children and taking care of their home. The time has come to realize that every child on earth is your child, and our home is the Earth. We need to step up and be the protectors, caretakers and nurturer of every child.

There is no reason that 12,000 children each and every day in this world die of starvation. We have enough food to feed everyone.  We can solve these problems if we put our attention on them.

I also liked that there were lots of women of color in Marianne’s audience. She speaks of raising her daughter outside of Detroit, Michigan and the intersection of religion and politics (because change comes from ideas held so strongly in your heart). How America was founded on enlightened principles, yet at the same time, 41 of the founders owned slaves. That we have always, as a country, held this dichotomy of these egalitarian ideas but mixed in with some very ‘base’ thinking as slave-owners, as forcing Native Americans off their land, as not allowing women to vote, etc.

That in order to change we first have to identify and admit our shadows. But part of that is admitting, too, throughout every time period in our history, there were those who ‘saw ahead’ and brought change.

Change does not come all at once. We do not all wake up and say, ‘gosh, I think we should do it this way.’ No, a few realize that things have to change (like Martin Luther King Jr.) realized that things had to change and then through their courage, conviction, passion and actions, they set out to make that change.

But the time has come for more of us to stand up. Marianne spoke about that question of ‘what do I do?’ All the times, we say “I would do something, but I just don’t know what … “

Bullshit! Okay she did not say it that way, but she did talk about how resourceful us women are, if we saw a shirt or something we wanted, but it had been discontinued, we could get on the internet and track that shirt down on e-bay in 20 minutes time. That is what we need to be doing in regards to social change, too.

The opportunities are all around you. But here is the thing, if you are not living from the strength of your heart and love, you won’t see them. Even though they are there. Once you start living that way, you will see them everywhere.

And Marianne does not mince words. She speaks about the fact that if you do not have people disagreeing with you, you are most likely not speaking your truth.

She speaks about how we as a culture have created a malignant consciousness of ‘it’s all about me’ and that the materialistic interests of Big Pharma want you to believe there is something ‘wrong with you’ and that you need medication for it the rest of your life because that is what puts money in their pocket.

But ‘mental illness’ aside, if you are living amongst the things that are happening in our world that we see and hear about daily, little children getting killed in school, women being shot for standing up and speaking, wars and people getting bombed, if you are living and seeing all of this and do not feel despair and grief and depression, THEN there is something wrong with you.

The time has come to quit letting ourselves be coddled and to stand up, despite our fears and pains and challenges, and the ‘trauma’ of our life. Do you think Rosa Parks did not feel trauma? Do you think all of these social change makers did not act regardless of the trauma they experienced?

Marianne also spoke of Sisterhood (did I mention how much I love this lady?) and of the incredible predominantly African-American churches that she attended in Detroit and how she was given so much strength and inspiration by the women listening to her who would vocally, consistently shout, ‘Uh-huh!’, ‘Say it, Sister’, ‘Amen’.  How she knew that these women had her back and how very important that is.

Why don’t we as white women do that, too? Marianne spoke about how we have all been in group situations where we said something that ‘fell flat’. The room was silent. And how these experiences trained us to stay silent.

But it just takes one other person to say, “I agree with her”, “I believe she is right” to often keep us going.  I know that is the case with me.

Be that person. Stop caring if you are not the ‘status quo’ or if people look at you a bit oddly. Speak your truth. Stand up for what you believe in.

Change the world.

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