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Please note if you did not receive verification email:  we continually lose 5-10% of the verification emails.  Who knows where they go?  Check your spam folder.  ‘Whitelist’ our email:  Admin@theDFApp.com .  Send an email first to Admin@theDFApp.com .  Gmail tends to be the worst, try going directly to gmail.com to find it instead of using Thunderbird or another email software.  If you cannot find it, send us an email at ‘Admin@theDFApp.com’ and we can verify from this end.  Having the email verification in place is a protection for your privacy.  We appreciate your patience with this.

What if I get an error message?  How is your wi-fi connection?  You must have a good wi-fi connection to access the app.  Are you logged in?  See below.  There are lots of short ‘How To’ Videos here or send us an email to Admin@theDFApp.com .  We are happy to help.

What is a Women’s Circle?  Often called Red Tents, Spirituality Circles, Goddess Temples, Moon Lodges and Sacred Circles, these women embodiment groups are often held on New and Full Moons, but are not tied to any one religion but rather to connecting, healing and empowering ourselves.

Check out Find A Womens Circle.com for our latest blog postings and to help with questions.  You can access the Divine Feminine App via your PC on the Find a Womens Circle .Com site (or go directly to the app at www.TheDFApp.com .)  Please visit Itunes or the Google Play store to get your smartphone app.  Links are on the Find a Womens Circle .Com site. There is a free version with ads or a paid version without ads.  We appreciate your support of the App.

The DF App is international.  You can enter Circles and Events anywhere in the world at www.TheDFApp.com … however, the Smartphone App is USA only – sorry.  We are working on releasing an International Version.  However, you CAN ACCESS the app via the website http://www.TheDFApp.com on your smartphone, your PC, your tablet, etc.

The Divine Feminine App is divided into two sections.

1) Women’s Circles

A Group of Women who regularly meet at a private residence.  You can find these through your actual (static) location, your zip code or by state.   After you register, you can click each one to see a short description of the Circle (or desire to start/join one). If you click the ‘contact host’ button, you’ll be given an email address to get more information.  There is also room for an URL link if there is one.

You can add Women’s Circles through the ‘Add’ key.

2) Divine Feminine Events

Public events tied to a location and date (or public virtual online events that are date specific or ongoing) You’ll see a short description, the date (if applicable) and then a URL/Website link (Facebook event page, etc.) for women to find more information, register, etc.  These can also be found via your actual (static) location, by zip code or by state.  You can also look at virtual (online) events and ongoing.

You can ‘post’ these Divine Fem Events through the Post key.

FAQ The DF App

Why do you ask to access my photos and location when I download the USA Smartphone App?  Do I have to in order to use the App?  No!  We ask permission to access your photos so that if you are adding a Circle or posting an Event, you can upload an associated photo.   If you do not plan on needing to upload a picture, you can mark the permission to ‘no’.  

‘Location’ is used to show which Circles and Events are closest to you.   But you are also able to search by a given zip code or by state.  Again, you do not need to give the App permission to access your location.  The App will work perfectly fine without photo or location access.

Why can’t I see the details or Log In?   Have you registered?  This is located below the Log In Button.  Have you verified your account?  An email was sent to you.  Check your spam folder.  Problems?  Contact us at Admin@TheDFApp.com  For your privacy and protection, you must be registered to see the details of Circles and Events.

Why is my Circle not showing up?  Did you put in the Correct Zip Code? Did you enter it as a Circle or an Event?  There is also a bit of a lag from the time that you enter a Circle or Event to the time that it will appear.

What if I can’t get my zip code entered?  On the original US App, you first pick your state from the drop down box.  Next type in the first three letters of your city.  It should pop up, and you will want to choose it.  Then, the Zip Code options associated with that city will appear.  Pick your’s.  If you do not see your’s or have any problems, please email us at ‘Admin@TheDFApp.com’.  Additional note:  if the zip code that you live in is associated with more than one city, you will need to list your Circle or Event under the USPS ‘default’ one.  You can find the USPS ‘default’ city for your postal code here.

On the International Version, the app is tied to exact location via google maps.

How do I get the keyboard to go away when I am in the Smartphone App?  Tap anywhere on the screen you want to go to, and the keyboard will minimize.

How do I change or delete a Circle or Event?  In Updates (top left tab), there is a section called Hosting.  In the account of the person who added the Circle or posted the Event, you will see a listing of all your Circles and Events that you may edit or delete.  If we entered the Circle or Event for you, please just send an email to:  Admin@TheDFApp.com 

What is the Difference between a Circle and an Event?

Circles = private events = linked to email

Divine Fem Events = public events = linked to Website

What is a Virtual Ongoing Event?  Virtual events are ones that are held electronically — online, face book groups, pod casts, e-courses, etc.  An ongoing one can be taken any time.  The second type of Virtual event that we show are date specific ones tied to a certain date such as phone calls, video conferences, etc.

How do I change my password?  You can go to ‘My Profile’ and change your password and default zip code.  If you wish to change your email, please register again with the new email.

What if I forgot my password?  Underneath the password box on the Log In screen, there is a link for ‘forget your password?’.  Press this, and then you will be prompted for your email and sent a new password.  You may change the sent password as noted above.

Am I registered for an Event if I mark it as a Favorite?  NO.  The DF App DOES NOT REGISTER YOU FOR ANY EVENT.  IT IS UP TO YOU TO GO TO THE WEBSITE and follow the procedures for registration/attendance.  The DF App is a Tool / Portal allowing you to see the different options out there, but is not affiliated with any specific events, organizations, etc.  

Broken Website Links. Please let us know at Admin@TheDFApp.com  When you are posting Divine Fem Events, if you use a Facebook Event link, be sure that it is set to public or it will not show up.  A better option is to link to the Facebook group that is hosting the event in order to get information that way.

PROBLEMS REGISTERING?  Send an email to:  Admin@TheDFApp.com   If you are having problems with authenticating your account, we may need to delete the account associated with your email before you can try again.

Newsletter?  If you wish to change your newsletter preference, you can be added or deleted to our newsletter by sending an email to “Admin@TheDFApp.com” .

CAN’T FIND A WOMEN’S CIRCLE BY YOU?  Add one!! Or at least your desire for one!  The name can be ‘Looking to form’ or ‘Looking to join’, then put a description of what you are looking for, your e-mail and then people in the area will contact you, and you all can decide how to proceed.


Is Find a Women’s Circle only for women?  No. The Divine Feminine movement and App encourages ‘feminine’ ways of healing, nurturing and connecting.  Please check out individual circles and events to see who their intended audience is.     

Are Women’s Circles tied to any one religion?  No. These are ‘spirituality-based’ circles and events in the sense of the Latin derivative of the word ‘spirit’ meaning ‘that which makes you feel alive.’  To each person, that means something different.  Often circles and events are based on or draw from one particular religion or many different.  Again, find what fits you.

YouTube Tutorials on The Divine Feminine App:

You can find a list of videos on how to use the app and FAQ here.


PROBLEMS or QUESTIONS?  Please contact us at:  Admin@theDFApp.com 

Thank you.  Jai ma.

*Artwork provided by Arna Baartz.  Please check out her work here:  http://www.artofkundalini.com/