From (but adapted a bit) Shirley Laboucane’s book Walking the Path – the Cree to the Celtic

Most mornings, I try to do this with the sunrise – walking out to my backyard, amidst the birds and trees.  Great stretch as well.

(Left hand up) Divine Creator.

(Bring left hand down) Mother Earth.

(to Left side) Sacred Door Keepers.

(to Right side) Sacred Earth Teachers.

(Lastly, make a circle and say) Sacred Circle of Life.

* From Shirley


(Hands outstretched)

“I stand, in the center of this sacred circle with arms outstretched

in a pose of gratitude.

I arise today through the power of the Creation that supports me,

blesses me and heals me.

*From Shirley


(Then I go through a series of ‘I am … ‘ statements, varying and depending on mood, day, needs, etc….my ‘add’ to Shirley’s work.)

I am wise.

I am healthy.

I am full of energy.

I am worthy.

I am loving.


(Ending with my ‘power figure’ — have one of those?  Everyone should … again, can vary, but I like to think of a Brigid type figure on the Cliffs of Moher.)

I am that women standing on a cliff.

(And I visualize all of those qualities … in that woman … in me.)

(I then finish up again from Shirley’s book:)


“I give thanks for my life and for nature and I humbly ask for Divine guidance in my life.

May there be beauty above me, beauty within me and beauty below me.”

*From Shirley

Walking the Path: The Cree to the Celtic, by Shirley Laboucane