The divine feminine app seeks to connect us in our communities in manners that encourage the ‘feminine side of God’ providing balance to the world.  Mother God demands no specific religion and no specific rules. When we gather with respect, love, compassion and open-hearts, She is there. The divine feminine app provides inspiration, education and connection not only locally but across the world .  We are all Her Children.

The divine feminine app has been connecting us in Sacred Circles and events for the past two years.  There are 3450 registered users and almost 3000 Circles and events (including online courses, resources and all across the world) listed on the df app.

“Thanks to the Divine Feminine app, I attended this event on Sunday night. On the bluffs above the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, I took my place in a circle of women. Thank you, Karen. You are making a difference. – Janis Hall  (More info and testimonials here.)

The second version of the divine feminine app will be coming out in Fall 2018.  As part of this version, there will be a ‘Member News’ section.  There will be Community Posts where every member can post about their events, comments, questions, resources, etc..

In addition, the main posts will be done by ‘Fire Tenders’.

We are still looking for more women (‘Fire Tenders’) to post in this section. We would like them to be representative of different geographical locations, cultures, etc.  These women will help me post from around the world  ‘divinely feminine’ news:  blogs, articles, books, events, etc.

Once the app is ‘sustainable’ (so far it has not been 🙂 ), then the positions will be paid.  If you are like me, you do this because you are passionate about the subject … but also, bills need to be paid.  We’re not talking much, as we do not anticipate this taking that much of a time commitment.

I have had several Fire Tenders say they do not need the money.  Great!  Pass it along to your favorite organization …

Who we are looking for:

  • Do you read newsletters, blogs, articles and instantly feel the need to ‘share’?
  • Open-minded (and by ‘open-minded’ I mean not letting your biases preclude your ability to read ‘the other side’.  The intent is for this to unite us, not divide.)
  • Prefer reading to ‘memes’  … Memes are great, for you know, distraction, entertainment, random inspiration … but the intent is not to do what Facebook and Instagram already does.  The intent is to bring knowledge, connection and inspiration through awareness of the Sacred Feminine throughout the world in a manner where we all read the same newsfeed and then you, not as a ‘consumer’, but as a unique individual, choose what interests you. 😉  Radical, isn’t that.
  • A belief in synergy — that we are greater together than apart and that all of us are able to bring something unique to the table.

What we need from you:

  • Be able to attend a zoom meeting at least once a month, preferably weekly
  • Post a minimum of once a week and a maximum of 1-2 times a day
  • Not afraid of technology.  Look, you do not need to have extensive computer knowledge, but you need to be comfortable on a laptop or PC.  You will need to download the app and help refine it and understand it before it is ‘released’.

Have you been at an event and seen ‘Sacred Fire Tenders’?  This is an art done out of respect for the elemental regenerative power of fire.  Birth/death/birth.  To make a fire, you must gather the tinder, pay attention, get it started and let it go, but at the same time, watch so that it does not go out of control … well, yes, that is what we are looking for in the divine feminine ‘Fire Tenders’ …

I appreciate you sharing this post so that it may find who it needs to find.  – Karen Moon


If you are interested in learning more, please email us at


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