Advice to a friend:

Find a Women’s Circle.

They are not therapy.

You can be a Christian, a Witch, a Hindu or no religion at all …

All you need to be is … ready.

Ready to find that little girl again.

“And I told that little girl inside to come out and live with me again.  I was ready to look after her, better than I could have ever done before.  Life had carved a wiser, kinder woman out of me over the hard years.  She would take care of that girl now.  I believed in myself enough to bring them both out to live together, chasing after the sun and sitting under the glorious moon, hand in hand, all the days left of this precious life.” – SC Lourie

Ready to walk through and leave behind all those things that rob you of your one precious life .. your fear, your anxieties, your depression, self-judgements, anger, jealousy …

An open-mind, the awareness that we are all alike in far more many ways than we are different.

Ready to find Joy.


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