A powerful woman unto yourself.  Happy New Moon in Virgo!

New Virtual Ongoing (Resources) and Virtual Dated

  • 1000 Goddesses Gathering on 10/20/18. Come join us to Awaken a Beautiful New World of Sacred Balance that Serves the Highest Good for All Beings.  The 1000 Goddesses Gathering is a Wisdom and Compassion Gathering based upon a Tibetan prophecy that states when 1000 Goddesses or Buddhist Taras gather, the Divine Feminine will rebirth through their combined energies.

Whole lotta reading going on lately!  Some wonderful books and book clubs below …

  • Wildly Radiant Book Group from 9/3 to 11/30. You are invited you to dive into this free book group of exploration and meeting the Divine Feminine, getting spiritually naked, and lifting the veil to REVEAL your truth! We will go beyond simply reading and chatting into a full process of unpacking the teachings to see how we can embody them through application and exploration in our lives.  Registration open through Sep 15. Meetings will happen via zoom.
  • Enough! Book Club starting 9/16. Would you like to join us in the field of feeling Enough? We are waiting for you with open arms! With Gather the Women & Laurie McCammon’s book Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word. You Are Joyfully Invited to Awaken to a Beautiful New World of Feeling Enough! Let us know you will be joining you so we can send you a reminder with the teleconference Zoom link a day or two prior. (Please reply to Lorraine at llima728@gmail.com )
  • Medicine Women Pre-Order until 9/20. Sign up for Lucy’s newsletter to participate in the Pre-Order of her incredible new book.

That which you put your attention to .. grows.
That which you take your attention from .. goes away.

Tend to get overwhelmed by Facebook & other of the Social Media? Have you left behind melodrama & all that other b.s..  Don’t like being told by algorithms and computers what you are interested in and what you should be buying? Well … Version 2 of the divine feminine app has a Member News section that will share items such as these on this newsletter and with areas for comments/community posts. 
Our intent is to provide a better way of communication within this community AND to draw more women to the app to form more Sacred Circles. 
The Millionth Circle.  Let’s tip that scale ..
We are just about to the point where we need some testers to help ‘de-bug’ the new version.  If you have an Android phone and would not mind putting the new app on your phone and checking it out, email us at admin@thedfapp.com – thanks!

  • Maiden, Mother and Crone from 9/30 to 11/4. Online Workshop for Women, Combining Shadow Work and Shamanic Practices to Heal and Empower. Our Maiden, Mother, & Crone, have become entangled in the illusion of who we have been conditioned to be. By society, our parents and families, by our education, class, race and culture. By our ancestral patterning, our wounding’s and traumas. Conditioning which has created our false sense of identity.So we must take a voyage to the heart and soul of woman. To unravel the shadows of our Maiden, Mother, & Crone, & reclaim the red thread which connects us all
  • Lilith Institute Open House on 9/23. You are invited to #TheLilithInstitute’s ONLINE OPEN HOUSE September 23, 2018 – 4-5 PM PST! Join D’vorah for a look at our offerings for the coming year. This will be a time to ask for what YOU want!  What subject/s would you like to learn about and discuss?  Click this link.
  • Yoni Steam Facilitator. Wombyn of the moon. Online course: Womb steam facilitator certification
    Topics in the course will include: Yoni steam benefits. When steaming is contraindicated
    How to screen for sensitive users prone to side effects. Safety and hygiene. Mild to advanced steam set up.Womb care, health, anatomy And More
  • Goddesses in Myth, History and Culture. Editors Mary Ann Beavis and Helen Hye-Sook Hwang Publisher Mago Books This book fills the very real need for an affordable, accessible, academic textbook featuring Goddesses from a wide range of world religious, cultural and mythological traditions. As a textbook, its primary audience is professors and students in university and college courses in Goddess Studies, Religious Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. It will also be of interest to students and instructors in the many Goddess-themed courses outside the academy.
  • When God Was a Woman Book.  Author Merlin Stone. Here, archaeologically documented,is the story of the religion of the Goddess. Under her, women’s roles were far more prominent than in patriarchal Judeo-Christian cultures. Stone describes this ancient system and, with its disintegration, the decline in women’s status.
  • Easy Herbal Medicine. Susun Weed. Herbal medicine is the medicine of the people. It is simple, safe, effective, & free. For as long as we can remember, women have been using simple, safe, natural remedies to prevent and cure illness. Our ancestors knew how to use an enormous variety of plants for health and well being. Our neighbors around the world continue to use local plants for healing and health maintenance. You can learn how to identify, harvest natural medicines too.  Join Susun here every week for a virtual weed walk. This course gives students new short videos and audios each week totaling less than 30min.
  • The White Goddess Book. A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth by Robert Graves. This labyrinthine and extraordinary book, first published more than sixty years ago, was the outcome of Robert Graves’s vast reading and curious research into strange territories of folklore, mythology, religion, and magic. Erudite and impassioned, it is a scholar-poet’s quest for the meaning of European myths, a polemic about the relations between man & woman, and also an intensely personal document in which Graves explores the sources of his own inspiration &, as he believed, all true poetry.  One of the most definitive books of our time
  • Layla Saad & Kristin Iris. PODCAST. Kristin is a creative mentor whose mission is to challenge oppressive power dynamics and systems by inspiring Black and Brown creatives to find the power in their voice. She is here to ignite socially conscious Black and Brown creatives to step into the amazing capacity to make big shifts and radical changes in the world. Kristin main goal is to help every Creative of Color embody and live to the fullest potential and share unfiltered and true power.
  • The Gaia Project. Described as a “celebrated career coach” and “fearless entrepreneur,” Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is the CEO of Gaia Project Consulting, LLC, and the Founder of The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership. Her work has earned the support and recognition of women such as Arianna Huffington, Ali Brown, DailyWorth and WorthFM Founder Amanda Steinberg, and Emerging Women Live Founder Chantal Pierrat, among many others.
  • The Circle of Nine Book. A new book by Cherry Gilchrist based on nine feminine archetypes, for individual or circle work. ‘The Circle of Nine: An Archetypal Journey to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within’ (Weiser Books Sep 2018) The Circle of Nine is an ancient template for women’s work, now reinterpreted for our modern lives and to reveal the full spectrum of the feminine soul. Cherry Gilchrist is an established author and a long-term practitioner of this tradition. Practical, mythical and historical info. “It’s a wonderful source for women’s interests and needs” (Carol Pearson)
  • Bees by Judith Shaw. Animal Guide – covering several different cultures & histories, very imformative! “Bees have been part of the human community since the days of prehistory. Cave paintings created by Neolithic people in Spain from between 6000 and 8000 BC show them gathering honey from wild bee colonies. The earliest record of beekeeping in human-made hives dates back to Egypt of 2400 BC.”
  • Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon. Katie Cannon was a pioneer.  Her scholarly work was integral for defining the womanism in religion and theology.  She took black women’s lives, their writings, and their struggles seriously.  She challenged the presumed universality of the dominant ethical systems to identify moral resources and Christian teachings that could address the challenges of people oppressed by their race, sex, and class.  Dr. Cannon’s vocational journey demonstrated her willingness to transgress racial, gender, and class boundaries.  She was the first African-American woman to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church
  • The Mankind Project. We believe that emotionally mature, powerful, compassionate, and purpose-driven men will help heal some of our society’s deepest wounds. We support the powerful brilliance of men and we are willing to look at, and take full responsibility for, the pain we are also capable of creating – and suffering. We care deeply about men, our families, communities, and the planet.
  • Nasty Women Book. Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America. When 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, how can women unite in Trump’s America? Nasty Women includes inspiring essays from a diverse group of talented women writers who seek to provide a broad look at how we got here and what we need to do to move forward.

New Sacred Circles Entered

  • We are ONE in Antioch, Tennessee. I have been wanting to start this circle for years now. I crave a space where ALL wombmen can come together and share, grow, connect, and love each other regardless of age, nationality, race, size, religion, etc! Creating this space has been a difficult task because of the stereotypes, stigmas, dogmas, and all other reasons why people think that we as wombmen cannot relate to each other, therefore we must be enemies. This is not my truth, and if this is not your truth, please join my circle! We so desperately need the oneness of wombmenhood right now!  See the divine feminine app for email to connect.
  • Red Tent in Spokane, Washington.  A circle of women celebrating their divine feminine energy! This is a safe, sacred space for women of all ages,  races, and beliefs.  We meet once a month (better it be when the moon is full)
  • Goddess Meet Up in San Jacinto, California. Goddesses Supporting Goddesses – Women’s Circlework. We want to inspire & empower women as they go through their journey of life. We want to teach women to love & to live victoriously. We will accomplish this by creating a positive circle of friends through circle, positivity.
  • Mindyfulness in Scarborough, Maine.  Dedicated to helping you integrate more of YOU into your life and proving that deep personal and spiritual growth can be FUN.
  • Monthly Moon Ceremonies in Portland, Oregon. Every month on the new moon we gather. As circle of souls, we sit and go inward.  We journey into our hearts and listen to its stirrings, its voice, and then we set an intention for the moon cycle ahead.
  • Breath+Oneness Women’s Circle in Capitola, California. on Are you longing for authentic connection with other women? Do you have a need to be witnessed without being fixed or rescued? Do you hunger for a ritual that honors the divine? Do you have a desire for sacred space that provides a SAFE container for healing, transformation, and PLAY? When women circle, this is the magic that happens. This is a ritual-based circle held with the intention of nurturing deep connection, support, and growth through embodied expression, journaling, connection exercises, meditation, and play.
  • Red Tent Temple in Harisonville, New Jersey. Around the country, groups of women are coming together once a month on or near the New Moon, to create a safe, nurturing, healing space by women for women. Here we can take a nap, journal, spend time in quiet thought with a cup of tea, rest our head in a sister’s lap, come to bellydance for the women, sing our sacred songs, share our stories, educate and mentor our young daughters and sisters, listen to our elders. This Red Tent Temple is currently being held at Abundant Health and Healing, 10 Main Street, Harrisonville, NJ 08039.
  • Wild Woman New Moon in Dearborn, Michigan.In each Wild Woman Project Circle, we will explore a monthly theme (to be announced on FB & Instagram) by experiencing an herbal infusion (tea); heart-centered or Yoga Nidra meditation; moon/folk lore; expressive & creative writing; a take-home hands-on project like candle making, herbal blending, craft, etc.; sharing of intention; sisterhood; energy medicine techniques; and more. The sacred gathering of women is ancient, and this space is where we remember and reclaim our instinctive, innate power to heal, manifest, create, and birth peace within and in this natural world.
  •  Eastover Eco-Village in Lenox, Massachusetts, Eastover is a 600 acre holistic retreat center only minutes away from the center of downtown Lenox, ideal for teachers, groups, organizations and companies to host retreats, workshops, and group events. It offers spacious studio facilities including yoga studios, meditation rooms, outdoor spaces, conference meeting rooms, and even a commercial kitchen for cooking classes. Eastover is eco-friendly with a new water treatment facility that reclaims every drop of water at the retreat center without chemicals before its being send to the ground.
  • Stone Hedge Community in Edmonton, Canada.  “We are open to source, a community of spiritual beings rooted in love. We are dedicated to service and the cultivation of the soul, the earth, food, family, art,wellness and education.” We are 4 families living together on a burgeoning Eco Farm just outside of Sherwood Park, AB.  We are dedicated to living sustainably on the earth, in community.   We value transparency, self responsibility and co-creation. Our vision is to have a maximum of 5 families living sustainably on the 20 acres we have.  This involves growing enough food to sustain ourselves  …https://www.facebook.com/Stone-Hedge
  • Eastover Eco-Village in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Eastover is a 600 acre holistic retreat center only minutes away from the center of downtown Lenox, ideal for teachers, groups, organizations and companies to host retreats, workshops, and group events. It offers spacious studio facilities including yoga studios, meditation rooms, outdoor spaces, conference meeting rooms, and even a commercial kitchen for cooking classes. Eastover is eco-friendly with a new water treatment facility that reclaims every drop of water at the retreat center without chemicals before its being send to the ground

Divine Feminine Location Based Events

  • Elk Medicine Drum Building on 10/13/18 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Even though the last days of summer are here…before you know it the cool, crisp air of Autumn will be here. Imagine yourself at Tenderness Gathering Place on a Fall Day with the leaves turning and the smell of fires in the air…you gather with a few sisters and brothers to BIRTH your Medicine Drum…made from the powerful Elk.When you make your own drum…you are putting your spirit and intentions into your drum. The drum that will be with you for the rest of your life. So please think about joining master drum maker, Janee King and Laney Goodman
  • Celebrate YOU! Dinner on 9/26 in Scarborough, Maine. Celebrating is a form of gratitude and gratitude is the magic behind miracles. Join us in celebrating ourselves at the October celebratory dinner, a fun night of sharing what makes us happy, good food, and drinks! The only catch is you must share something you’re celebrating about yourself with the group.  I won’t let you off the hook to share!
  • New Moon Ceremeony on 9/9 – Sept in Portland, Oregon. You can expect an opening ritual and meditation, guided visualization, sharing, intention setting, and closing. Please wear comfortable clothing as we tend to sit or lay on the floor the majority of the time, and don’t forget your moon journals to capture all your thoughts and insights. Our New Moon Ceremonies are for anyone who wants to dive into the waters of the Divine Feminine that live within them.
  • Death Midwife from 10/5 to 10/7 in Austin, Texas.  For the last 100 years the care of our dead has gradually been turned over to businesses. The recent decade has seen resurgence in families providing end-of-life care to loved ones through home hospice care. As a natural extension of hospice more and more families are choosing to care for their loved ones — before and after death – in their homes. The work of Death Midwives and home funeral guides does not duplicate the work of professionals such as nurses or funeral directors. We work alongside them and our skills are not medically oriented, they are … Angie Buchannan
  • Red Tent Fresno on 9/9 in Fresno, California. Welcome Sisters to The Red Tent and Purple Moon Gathering! Doors open at 1 o’clock for Smudging, Intention Candle Preparation & to settle in. Discussion Topic: Self-Trust. We are part of a global movement honoring women’s womb wisdom, natural rhythms and our connection to the lunar cycle. The Red Tent celebrates the sacred, near universal (happening on all continents) practice of the “Moon Lodge”. We are part of an ancient practice of gathering women together in a circle for the purposes of mutual support, encouragement, fun and friendship.
  • Queens’ Coronation Rite on 9/11 in Hayward, California. As we gather under the Crescent Moon of Diana’s Bow in Libra, so do we come together again in our Sacred Grove for this much-beloved community rite of honoring ourselves as Sovereign Queens, empowered agents and artists of our own lives. Joining our energies with The Lady of the Lady, we will once again walk the sacred country of our realms and take stock of all we are pledged to within that sacred place.
  • Singing in Sacred Circle in Brattleboro, Vermont on 9/13 and in Meriden, Connecticut on 9/14. Singing In Sacred Circle is an opportunity for each woman to look into her sister’s eyes and share voice and spirit through song. While learning short, repetitive women-centered and earth-based songs/chants from a wide variety of traditions, power rises from the center of the circle as all voices create an energy that is both empowering and healing.


  • Circle Training Maui and Big Island in Kahuku, Hawaii from 10/6 to 10/7. And in Pahoa, Hawaii from 9/29 to 9/30.  Woman Within Circle Training on the Maui, Hawaii is a two-day, non-residential workshop for women over 18. Learn how to create a safe place where women can connect, share their experiences and own their feelings, without dumping their feelings onto others, getting lost in their story, giving advice or rescuing others from their emotions. You’ll learn active listening skills and learn how to stay in connection during times of group conflict.
  • Ancestral Pilgrimmage in Italy from 11/8 to 11/13. Women’s Ancestral Pilgrimage to Italy! This will be a quest to remember our tribal roots..We will be staying in the town of Sabina, which is home to the tribe of the Sabine people.It was the raping of the Sabine women that began the Roman Empire, it is here where our journey will begin….We will be going to the ancient burial mounds, and sacred sites to pray to the ancestors there.We will go to Rome, to hold a healing ceremony outside the Vatican, to pray for forgiveness to our ancestors for the onslaught of the tribal peoples of Italy.We will be in prayer and ceremony every day.
  • Wild Women Retreat in Saco, Maine from 9/28 to 9/30. Gather sisters, this retreat we will cultivate the space for our wild woman to emerge and take flight…We will witness and express the woman deep within us that desires to come out and shine herself to the world…the woman that wishes to speak powerfully in her voice, who desires to move and love her body unashamedly, who desires to root into her power so she can thrive and flourish no matter where she may travel…

the divine feminine app 

We thank you for your support.  Rising.

*Top image from here.  These are the women who made this image, check it out.  You can get a print from their Etsy store.  I love this image!