*There will be four scroll-able pictures on the top.  Users will be able to send in their pictures from events and Sacred Circles to put on here!


Yesterday, I voiced to my development manager, who I have been working with the past three years on the divine feminine app, that sometimes, I don’t feel that this second version will ever be done.

That’s not true I know. They have done a ton of incredible work. Most of its ‘functionality’ is in place. And I often get those ‘goosebumps’ seeing this vision of what I wanted it to be when we started – a way to better connect us in our communities and across the world as well as a place to find ‘divinely feminine’ resources and help us along our path.

We just have to still clean up a lot of ‘loose ends’.

And I also have to accept that there are lots of things that go on the ‘Version 3’ list, once there is actually a revenue stream in place, that we could look at doing. Because up until now, it has been a ‘labor of love’ and although it will continue to be, there’s also got to be a little ‘love’ in the form of money coming back in order for me to continue doing this.

In other words, Mama’s getting ready to kick this little fledgling out of the nest.

One of the big things I have had to swallow rather than spit are the comments on the Member News sections. We simply do not have the funds in order to ‘reply’ to comments, ‘like’ comments and ‘edit’ them. (Although you will be able to delete, and we did increase picture sizes so that you can clearly see.)


This means it will not be as convenient to communicate back and forth like Facebook. And I know that is going to irritate users.

But it’s also not meant to be Facebook. It’s meant to be something else.

‘An Interactive Newsletter’ with News from All Over the ‘Divinely Feminine’ World

Here’s my premise:

  • We’ve created these very insular worlds on Facebook where you only see a dozen different people’s posts or those that are ‘wildly popular’.
  • Newsletters get buried, spammed or otherwise overlooked
  • It’s just on the whole ‘too much’, and so we tune out more and more

I am a huge fan of ‘getting out from behind your computer’ … but I am also a fan of staying connected with what is going on in that big ol’ world out there so that we can stay reminded we are, after all is said and done, all connected.

Let me give you an example.


member new

If the Second Version were out right now, it would have a COMMUNITY POST for the Parliament of World Religions that is currently going on in Toronto.

Are you familiar with the Parliament? The first World Parliament of Religions was held in 1893 at the World Fair in Chicago and was a groundbreaking event for ‘interfaith’. Swami Vivekananda, representing India and Hinduism, went to great lengths to travel to this from India and spoke on the afternoon of the first day:

The World’s Parliament of Religions started on 11 September 1893 at the Permanent Memorial Art Palace (also identified as the World’s Congress Auxiliary Building), now the Art Institute of Chicago, as part of the World’s Columbian Exposition. Vivekananda gave his first lecture on that day. Towards the afternoon his turn came, after so much of procrastination. Though initially nervous, he bowed to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning, and he felt he got new energy in his body; he felt someone or something else had occupied his body– “The Soul of India, the echo of the Rishis, the voice of Ramakrishna, the mouthpiece of the resurgent Time spirit”.[3] Then began his speech with salutation, “Sisters and brothers of America!“. To these words he got a standing ovation from a crowd of seven thousand, which lasted for two minutes. When silence was restored he began his address. He greeted the youngest of the nations on behalf of “the most ancient order of monks in the world, the Vedic order of sannyasins, a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance.!” – Wikipedia

Stop a minute and think about that, in 1893, the spirit of the Divine Feminine was given a place at the table.  Swami started off addressing SISTERS, something rather unheard of for that time period. What an accomplishment and what seeds were planted!

The organizers intended to continue having the conference regularly, but unfortunately, they were a bit ahead of their time. The next World Parliament of Religions was not held until 100 years later in 1993.

Since 1993, they have held the Parliament at different locations every three years. The last one in Salt Lake City in 2015 had over 9800 attendees, performers and volunteers from 73 countries, 30 major religions and 548 ‘sub-traditions’ (hmmmph, what’s a ‘sub-tradition’, not so fond of that term but whatever). The point is though this is surely how we heal the world with compassion, cooperation and inclusion, when we all come together at a table and sit heartbeat to heartbeat so that on the news when you hear the ‘evils’ of so and so country or religion, you can counteract that with a real person that you talked to and met and help us to come together on the difficult questions facing our world.

Why is the Parliament of Religions important? It is “Compassion School” with spiritual leaders and teachers from all over the world. While this is not the vision of religion currently on display in the media and popular culture, these gatherings represent the seed for a future entirely different from today’s. Over the last century many interfaith efforts have emerged (TIO being a shining example) that do the week-to-week work in local communities of building bridges and identifying common goals. But the periodic gathering of the Parliament of Religions provides inspiration and insight like none other. It is a time to reflect together on the world we would like to live in and be inspired to go out and co-create it.” From here.

Bettina Gray – Co-founder and former Chair of North American Interfaith Network


Unfortunately, time, funds and energy did not permit me to go this year. (And that is another wonderful thing about the Parliament is that anyone can attend alongside ‘official representatives’ of different traditions.) But I know several women and organizations that are there, and I have been on the lookout for information on the ‘going-on’s’. I have been trying to post them in our Facebook group.

But they easily get lost, don’t they? And most of our lives are so busy, that we just can’t take thirty or forty minutes to watch one of these at any time. We purposely have to carve out the time.

Hence, (drum roll please) the Member News of the Second Version. As I had mentioned above, there will be a Community Post on the World Parliament. In the comments, members will be able to share information, picture and links on various presentations.

member new

THEN, when you can find the time, you can easily find the World Parliament Community Post (there will only be 2-3 total posts a day) and find what you want to watch.

Other Community Posts, that members will be able to contribute to will be:

  • EVENTS you want to promote and talk about
  • MOTHER WELL needing to ‘touch base’ draw strength
  • LEND A HELPING HAND needing some support / Go Fund Me’s etc.
  • CIRCLE BASICS/QUESTIONS resources you want to share, question ask
  • ASTROLOGY what’s happening in the stars, your favorite astrologers etc.
  • *PICTURES on App – who are they (*see picture at top of post.  Four ‘scroll-able’ pictures that users can send in.)
  • COLLABORATION – Looking for women to work with, event locations, etc.
  • TIPS on using the app

So all the members will be able to contribute but not at the expense of efficiency. YOU, the USER, will be able to easily decide where and when to go to the information that moves you.

Version Two of the Divine Feminine App

Coming within the next 2-3 months

Creating Ripples Around the World

** We can still use help testing the app.  Interested?  Please email me, Karen at Admin at the DF App .Com.