Share and Organize your Astrology – What is Going On in the Skies and Natural Cycles

Go to the News section where we always have a Community Astrology Post.  In the comments, you can highlight and put a link to your favorite astrologers.

I do this so that when I have the time, I can come back and easily find them all and read through them.  Plus in our Circles, we can quickly come here for different happenings that we want to talk about.


The divine feminine app has been helping women [and men] find Sacred Circles and events since 2016.  We have over 4300 registered users and have just released Version Two. 

It is free to enter your Circles and events and free to search and get information on them. 

You can find the app at

Free smartphone app links are at the top left. 

To get full access to the News, Resource and Profile sections (necessary to access the News post mentioned here), you can request a promocode by sending an email to admin at the df app dot com.

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