When you add your Circles and events, you can put your name or your Circle’s name as the host and then it is tied to your Profile.

You can mark Profiles as ‘favorites’ and then quickly and easily find your favorite hosts and Circles to see when the next one is.

Yes, this is the coolest thing ever.  Have you checked out theDivineFeminineApp.com yet?

It is quick and free to register and free to add and search Circles and events.  There are over 4000 of them from all over the world listed.

The app supports itself through the News, Resources and Profile sections so you must be a member to use this function.  Go to theDivineFeminineApp.com , log in and hit ‘Upgrade Membership’ on the top right.  ($18 for 6 months or $3/month)  Non-members can see short snippets but not full details.

We appreciate your support.