Have you all noticed how ‘egoistic’ social media has become? ‘Drop and run’ all these ‘me, me, me’ posts. It’s advertising isn’t it. And most, me included, don’t stay in the Facebook group long enough to see what else is going on, because it’s a question of ‘time management’.

There’s SO MUCH out there now, that you have to throw 100’s of social media bombs to get to be noticed. Drop and run.  Drop and run.  Drop and run.   All these images and posts compete for your attention.

A small percentage gets through but nowadays we have to guard our downtime and privacy and alone time with a vengeance, because it’s not healthy to be constantly bombarded by images and info.

Sure, you can avoid your exhaustion and social awkwardness and boredom behind a screen, I see that everyday over and over and over again, but there is always a price to be paid.

And if you do not take your downtime, it will take you. Some how. Some way.

We are trying over at theDivineFeminineApp.com to offer something different in the news section. To offer a better way of staying informed and aware, but with YOU in charge.

We have asked the women who do the main posts in the news section to not post about their work but post instead about others: books, organizations, notable women (or men who have acknowledged the divine feminine within), etc.

There are other sections in theDivineFeminineApp.com where you promote your work and can post it ‘efficiently’: by location, by virtual, by date.

And there are Community Post areas in the newsfeed where by topic you can post.

It gets redundant to go to social media and see the same post about an event.  It might be a great event, but if it’s on the other side of the country, it’s quite tedious to see it over and over and over.

But that is what social media has become and that is what you need to do nowadays on social media to get noticed.

We offer you a different way. Come check it out at theDivineFeminineApp.com – from the website, log in (or register, quick, easy and free) and then use the code ‘new day’ to get access to our member community of news, resources and profiles for 90 days.  We will always give a code to those who ask.

BUT we appreciate paying members ($3/month) as YOU are the ones making this possible.  In Deep Honor. Thank you!

Once you have joined the community as a Member, you can go get our free smartphone apps (Apple Android) so that you can quickly and easy check out the app at your convenience.  We did not design it to be addicting.

TheDivineFeminineApp.com has been designed as a ‘portal’ for you to find what interests you, what resonates with you and what is close by to you.

Then you can sign up for that newsletter, go to that local event, find the local Women’s Circle, subscribe to the YouTube channel, but the power of choice is back in your hands where it belongs.

Now excuse me, while I go post this in the 127 facebook groups that I belong to …

Building a better way … the Divine Feminine App