We are sorry, Corona!

🌺 Fear, tear, suffering, anxiety, defense … The world is struggling to see your arrival and spreading. Who are you, Corona? Are you a scream or powerful wings carrying a message of a hurt feeling?

We know you are the beautiful hidden being existed somewhere to vitalize other beings and enrich environment and planet. Is that the devastation causing you suffering that calls you to step out?

☘️ We are so sorry, Corona dear! Are you bringing a wake-up to UNCONSCIOUSNESS?

To alert to massive demand of living for taking without true giving

To alert to wrong attitude of care without healthy listening

To alert to greediness and loveless behavior feeding to destructive ego

Water, air, tree, animal … those are giving irreplaceable conditions to every of the most important thing in life – BREATH, the one that we will be no longer existed if once disconnected to it.

❤️ Dead city of Wuhan and worries across the globe are ongoing. What are you sending off?

Are you creating panic to help us know true value of INNER PEACE?

Are you bringing suffering to teach us to find HAPPINESS FROM WITHIN?

Are you calling for MINDFULLNESS to lead us to LOVE and CARE?

🙏 We are terribly sorry, dear Corona! We are hearing you now. Scene of formidable fire in Amazon and dead animals in fiery forest in Australia together with increasing number of death in China, those are telling a truth – true fact of tears that generous Mother Earth and Mother Nature are crying in painful places on the Earth …


Please spend 6 minutes to see this video

Imagine you are in that beautiful forest

Pay attention on every of your breath

Feel your love energy and gratitude to this beautiful nature

Healing yourself …

Healing the Mother Earth …

Healing the Mother Nature …

Healing the World …

We wish to promote beautiful LOVE and CARE inside you!

✍️ Representing the global sisterhood,

Gather The Women Global Matrix

Written by P.T.N.A.

Peder B. Helland – Deep In The Forest (Official Audio)