It’s a New Moon Today.  Do you have a Women’s Circle?

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New Women’s Circles added in the past week:

Norwalk, Connecticut .. Sacred Sisterhood Movement .. Join the Sacred Sisterhood Movement in our global crusade to bring women together for soul healing, empowered expression, shared support and celebration!

Grass Valley, California … Gather the Women Nevada .. A vital, dynamic women’s group with 8-10 circles, including drumming, sounding, shaman medicine, Dances of Universal Peace, study groups and book circles. Warm, welcoming and loving. Find us, join us, be a part of the future for women.

Plus …
La Quinta, California
… Women’s Intuition Network
San Rafael, California .. The Way of Mary
Albuquerque, New Mexico … Mother Bosque Gardens
New York City, New York … Gratitude Sister Circle
Olinda, Australia … Star of Ishtar
Surrey BC Canada … Spirit in the Sky
Cambridge, United Kingdom … Goddess Project

New Virtual/Online Divine Feminine Events

Earth Medicine Intensive .. Is Earth calling you to carry her medicine? Earth Medicine is for people of all beliefs, ethnicities, and identities, who want a deeper relationship with Mother Earth and all of her children… animal, plant, mineral, etc. Earth Medicine teaches us how to walk in right relationship with ourselves and with all of our relations. We learn to heal ourselves and how to model healing for others in a healthy, respectful way.  Begins December 1!

December 14th … Womb Blessing Have you signed up to participate in the last World Wide Womb Blessing of 2016?

SIGN UP for the new Mystic Mamma newsletter here … New Moon in Sagittarius November 29th 2016 ..

*NEW MOON* in Sagittarius aims to ignite a glitter of hope in the darkness.
From the darkest shadowy depths she steadies to rise, as she becomes illuminated with a new vision for our collective future. 

With new vision and hope in our hearts, she inspires us to come together to organize and bring forth our voices, talents, skills, wisdom, kindness, and compassion to rebuild and restructure what has gotten undeniably out of balance.

New Divine Feminine Events added

Syracuse, New York – Women’s Solstice Ritual on 12/18, LA, California – Goddess in the Gallery on 12/10, Felton, California Mystery Circle on 12/28, Arlington, VA – Sister Giant on 2/2, Nashville, Tennessee Starhawk World Building on 12/1, Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia – Wise Women Gathering on 1/20-1/23/17, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada – Dark Goddess Dance with Karen Clark Path of She on 12/18.

Thank you for your continued support of Find a Womens Circle:  … Jai ma, Karen

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Every week, we are having a contest and giving away a T-shirt from the women who have entered new Circles and Events!  See more details here.

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