So I just came back from the Priestess Gathering at the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess International.

It sounds so serious, doesn’t it?  Here’s their website.  RCGI is the oldest first legally recognized religious organization serving women’s spirituality.  Jade River and her partner incorporated RCGI back in 1984, and it is still going strong with over 3300 members all across the world.  You can join their email newsletter on their website to learn more.


One of my longtime facebook friends had invited me last year, and I could not go due to timing and finances, but I also admit that I was a bit intimidated.  Their website speaks of Dianic Wicca and ritual, and I admit that I don’t quite know where or if I am on the ‘witch scale’ nor even 100% what that even means, so I had to overcome a bit of fear and apprehension.

I’m glad I did.  First I want to say that everyone there was so normal … no, you want to know something, I take that back.  They weren’t normal at all.  Because as I approach 50 years of age, I tend to observe that there is a huge fork in the road coming up.  One choice leads to shutting and closing down, becoming angry, bitter, closed, opinionated and sheltered because, goddammit, life hurts and people suck.    LOTS of people choose that road.

But the other road leads to LIFE.  Growing not just older but wiser, opening, loving, caring, leaning on others and letting them lean on you, forming friendships with those who know more than you or less or equal but realizing that we all have something we can bring to the table.

The latter is rare … and when you meet those women, you see it in their eyes and in their stride.  And it doesn’t matter what you actually physically look like, but women like this, ‘carry’ themselves differently … because they’ve figured out they’re carrying something precious.  Something divine.  Within themselves.

And those were the women I met and saw at the conference.


I’m getting over pneumonia (sucks) and only made it to one workshop but that was a good one.  The main thing I remember taking away, besides looking up at the older woman leading the workshop and thinking, yes, I want to be like you in 10 or 20 years, the shimmer in her eyes, the passion, the excitement, the warmth and intelligence … but what also stuck was what she said about why it is so important for us women to gather together.

The same hormone that bonds a mother to a breastfeeding baby – oxytocin – that’s what we generate at these events.

And that … that is magic.

I truly believe it has the ability to not only heal yourself but save the entire world.

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