The other day I had the privilege of virtually meeting Sid Reger of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.  Sid had reached out to me after my ‘okay Mom, thanks for the experience, but I may be done’ rant in regards to the divine feminine app.  That was so nice of her to do so.  It means the world to me when strangers reach out and lift each other up. 

I had already gotten over my rant.  I contemplated seriously just letting all of this go (as we need more members:  hint, hint, please support at $3/month* or donate if you are not interested in becoming a regular member), but I had already had my outburst and then Mom tapped me on the shoulder, ‘Are you done yet? Because I’m not done.’

Yes, yes, I hear you.  I’m getting up.  Just give me a minute as I lay here watching the ceiling fan spin.

Sid and I talked about that how when you get these callings like I did six years ago with the divine feminine app, you cannot let go.  They may not make a whole ton of sense in the mainstream ‘is this worth it’ way of thinking, but in regards to what is really important, yes, they make sense. 

When talking with Sid, I had that goose bumpy, ‘oh my meeting one of my peeps’ feelings.  We went through this, ‘do you know?’ and half of them I did, like the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess International organization.  I went to one of their events back in 2017 and wrote about it here.  Sid is in the picture on this post!  Imagine that! All those invisible strands we are weaving throughout the world unknowingly crossing and then coming back.

And that is, more importantly, what we spoke about, the organization that she and Pat Monaghan started thirteen years ago: ASWM:  the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology


I signed up. 

When you sign up for ASWM: the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology, not only do you get access to a ton of scholarly, information-filled Goddess-filled goodies, but you also can attend their monthly Scholar Salons

The next one is Vicki Noble on September 23rd.  

Do you know Vicki?  If not, you should.  She has an amazing bio, plus back in the 70’s, her and Karen Vogul created Motherpeace Tarot cards (now on Resources on the app), never out of print and given a new lease on life by none other than Christion Dior with a fashion line in 2017. 

Her talk will be on “Redeeming Ancient Agriculture from the Dustbin”, sounds interesting, and you can read more about that on the above link, but what really caught me was this paragraph from Vicki’s website:

“Who would have ever thought it possible that the co-creators of Motherpeace—me and Karen Vogel—would end up being feted at the LA Dior fashion show in May 2017, or that our images would be used in their latest women’s clothing line? If it seems a strange mix, that’s because you may only be viewing it from a mainstream cultural point of view and not taking into account the power of women’s magic and the underground stream of feminist uprising that is always present in a backlash moment like the one we’re living through right now. When the forces of power-over and totalitarianism loom large, the underground currents of liberation erupt like geysers, and in this moment of blatant and unrestrained patriarchy, women’s liberation is certainly one of those likely eruptions.” 

-Vicki Noble

And that’s when it really hit me. 

You know I am in the midst of moving to a new state, and I’m approaching this move unlike any of my many preceding moves.  I’m not getting to know the neighbors.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m being friendly, and I’m looking for peers for my children, but I already know that most of the people around me will not be ‘my peeps’.  I already know the difference between the blank stare that you get when you talk to the large majority of people about the concept of the ‘divine feminine’ and a ‘Goddess Circle’ and when I meet someone like Sid who I could talk to for hours.

And I therefore know the importance of the divine feminine app which is connecting even more of us and leading us to incredible resources such as the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology. 

And I know the work we are doing is important.  We are the underground stream.  And we are helping to change the fabric of the world.

I am always in awe of women who have done this work for thirty years plus and how many of them know each other and how they managed to do so. 

‘Rolodexes’ was Sid’s answer. 

Well, the divine feminine app is the Rolodex of Today. Times a thousand.  And accessible to everyone.  Be sure to check it out. 

And when you’re done, sign up for the Association for the Study of Women and Myth.  Here is a list of their upcoming Salons

I’ll meet you there.

*Picture is from an underground stream in Arthur’s Pass New Zealand