How very lovely to wake up and see you two lovely and incredible women:  ALisa Starkweather and Laney Goodman on my Facebook feed. ALisa,  I am so happy to see you embracing technology. I am enjoying your videos.
Ahhh and listening to Laney Goodman drum.  When I went to the Daughters of the Earth event last year, I decided pretty much last minute to go, flew to Boston by myself, rented a car and drove out to the middle of nowhere.
Got there, not knowing a soul, set up my stupid little tent (my nature lovin’ ass has only been camping maybe three times the last being in 8th grade), and by the night, my anxiety level was sky high, and I was sheltered in my little tent doing deep breaths and listening to the meditations on my ipod. I told myself, ‘Karen this is stupid, you came here for a reason’, and I forced myself out of that tent and went to the nearest ‘event’ tent.
I walked in and, oh, I wish I could remember her name, but I cannot, but she was doing belly dancing and chakra work (lovely).  There was this drumming and singing that stopped me completely in my tracks … Laney Goodman.
Now I cannot even manage to remember lyrics while I am drumming but Laney, oh my,  ‘She’ moves through her.
AND EVERYTHING shifted. When you learn to ‘shift’ things in your life without the use of prescription drugs, alcohol, counseling, etc, , my my … Life Really Starts Happening.
I remember walking out of that tent and everything looked different. I looked up to the treeline and this big beautiful star filled night, the immensity and power of which filled my soul.
And just an hour prior, I was hiding in my tent.
I am not going to go on and on about my experience but let’s just say that again, this is one of those events where I KNOW I need to be there.
AND I am actually even more excited about it because it is not an ‘official’ DOE event with speaker A, B C, D and Tent 1 and 2 planned out but because this is going to be an intuitive, spirit-led, coming together in nature by ALisa Starkweather.
To be perfectly honest, I don’t even WANT to try and publicize this, because one side of me says the smaller, the better.
But this is a very powerful time with women meeting all over the world before this new moon eclipse and this is a very powerful land, and this is not a time for ‘SMALLNESS’, it is a time to step into our Bigness.
This year, I am going to be driving two days, fifteen hours to get there. YOU know if you’re supposed to be there.
See you next week.